finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

right everyone after the sale of the previous car fell through (less said the better) :wall:
i had a great bit of luck and dropped on this motor from a cracking guy from up cumbria :god:
its totally different spec wise to the white one i was going to get and i actually prefer that if im honest as its a lovely base to make a great car from and not ruin the oe looks/charm of it too much. :top:

its a 1990 car in red
totally standard engine wise apart from a receipt for some form of hybrid turbo
stainless system
lowered suspension
had a resto a few years ago and is in great shape nice and solid in all the usual areas.
also had an engine rebuild a few years ago

the car has not been on the road since 2014 but the current owner took the car for a pre mot on monday and it failed on the following

emissions too high
handbrake cable needs adjusting
spare wheel needs a tyre
one headlight not working
reverse light switch intermittent

and that was it so the plan is to give the car a real good full service including the following

oil and filter
ht leads and denso ik27 plugs
fuel filter
uprated frst fuel pump
coolant change
drive belt
cam belt and water pump kit
new set of wipers all round
new set of bulbs all round

the owner also informs me that the turbo will need a rebuild which is not a problem as it will go to my mate wilky for the said work and possibly a bit more of his magic work.

i also have my other mate who is a professional detailer booked in for the end of march to give the car a full paint correction detail and interior valet etc etc so the car will look spot on once done.

the plans are then to refit rebuilt turbo and then get the car an m.o.t. once this is done ill be calling msd for one of there set up sessions and if all well followed by there stage 3 conversion on the same day :)

looks wise with the car i dont really want to change anything apart from i think its crying out for the period 4" tailpipe on there :DD:

anyway enough babbling from me for now here are a few pics for you all



Track Warrior
stoke on trent
Fiesta RS Turbo
Did another purchase a couple of weeks ago.

Wilwood 4 pots which will be fitted at the same time as the 15" RL7's I have here .




Track Warrior
stoke on trent
Fiesta RS Turbo
Had my good mate Matt pop over yesterday for a catch up, some stoke oatcakes and did a couple of little jobs on the car.

New alternator and belt fitted
Bailey breather kit fitted
New ht lead separator finally fitted

Really happy with how the engine bay is looking now just a few bits to change over to red at some point and we're good.

I'll be out for a drive in the car on Friday to see if the fuelling issue is now sorted, we now have proper voltage at idle so fingers crossed it's all good.

Anyway Matt took a few pics so here they are








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