finally something the family can fit in

check out our new 'velle :)


this is how we bought it apart from lowering it 50mm (wow it was high !!)

inside is lovely



plans are : swivel front seats, table, stereo, side bars, better alloys and maybe 150bhp injectors and a remap :D
Wow this is your most sensible purchase yet. I did wonder if you were planning more kids.

Do you think you'll ever own a BMW again?:D
probably keep this for a while Waynne, so no more bmw :(

was tempted by the 530d but the swirl flap issue put me right off !!!

yeah, it's really clean ! pulls like a train too even though it's just the 102bhp version.

plus it has the digital climate controls front and rear which is great and the eberspacher heater under the bonnet for those cold mornings !!
I look forward to seeing it in the flesh. No doubt by then it will have a full bodykit, alloy wheels, 300bhp engine and custom paint job! ;)

I hope the family are all well.
Very smart mate ;) See 100's of these of all ages of V Dub campers down here. There are some crazy things you can do with them. Someone I know who goes to Run To The Sun has an old Splitty with a Porsche Boxer engine. Sits on its backside when he floors it lol.
aaarrrggghh !! I just wrote a long rant but just as I finished the whole lot deleted ???

can't be bothered to re write so here's a summary . . .

tyres worn
alloys no good
. . . .. . . . . .. NEW ALLOYS !!!!!! YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
^^^ Look forward to seeing this one! :)

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Must look great when lowered 50mm :) my older brother have got one of those with a 2.5 TDi and 180 hp, fine acceleration considering it's such a big car :)
Must look great when lowered 50mm :) my older brother have got one of those with a 2.5 TDi and 180 hp, fine acceleration considering it's such a big car :)

unfortunately the very top picture is it lowered !! (Got 10mm lowering plates so it's actually dropped 60mm) but it was so ridiculously high in the first place that it just looks normal now !! lol . . any lower though and you can start to get issues so I thought best be safe for now !!
ahh I see your concerns :) and understand why you got it lowered! well honestly I didn't expect that it was lowered on the first pic haha but it looks great nonetheless, but yeah any lower probably wouldn't make it driveable at all.

By the way those vw used to be quite good in snow because of its weight, my father had one as well, an old 2.5 caravelle from 1992 I think and always managed to get through even in high snow, great vehicle there ;) I don't see why newer models would be worse, but my brother had some trouble last winter, not sure if it was because he didn't change to winter tires.. in that case it would of course be understandable ;)

5 cyl 2.5 diesel engines always sounded really good imo

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