Clio Pics Finally Up

Pics are looking good. You've spent some time and money on that car. There is not a lot left to do really. Wing mirrors could probably be improved, get some DTM style mirrors.

Not a big fan of the roof spoiler if I'm honest but overall the car really does look nice.

Good work Kelly!
Thanks Alot Man ! Outside Oppions Are Always Welcomed ! I Had Diff' Wing Mirrors On But I Snapped One Off So It Was Easier To Switch Back To Standard Rather Than Go Get Them Fixed And Replaced. Thanks Again
  • Yeah thats totally fine. I understand it wouldnt be to everyones taste like :)! - but thats just my taste i guess, thanks for the comment though!! - and it was half and half, although the body shop did most of this work.
Appreciating All The Honesty Here Thanks! - I Dont Think The Pictures Do The Spoiler Any Justice If Im Honest, It Looks Alot Bigger Than It Is. Thanks Again
Thats the thing with modding cars. Personalise and make it look just how you want. You will always have haters and critics but you're not doing it for the benefit of others.

I think you should spend some time and attention on the engine!;) V6 engine swap perhaps?
i dont like lego cars, so imnot impressed,
never the less, its your car, and if your happy, thats good

welcome along to the forum
Thankyou All Again for More Feedback ;)
- Ive been busy the last few days and havent found the time to reply to you all.
- The V6 engine swap sounds interesting yeah, could anyone maybe provide some information on it.? I.e Prices.
- Thanks Turbonutter for that, haha, Put a grin on my face :lol::bigsmile:
Definitely ! wouldnt have personally thought of that to be honest :eek:
Planning to enrole on a full time and part time course on eworking with car engines so that'l definitely help!
probably a lot of work trying to fit the V6 in as it was put in the back. the turbocharged megane engine might be worth a look

I take it their is a 1.2L under the bonnet. Too much work trying to make the megane lump fit. 2.0L F4R lump is a much easier conversion.

Personally, bodykits are not to my taste, but I can see where the effort has gone into it. I would loose the lexarse rear lights and fit MkII ones.

Keep her lit. ;)

Aye thanks for the advice, personally wouldnt no entirely where to start with the engine!

I still have a hold of the old rear lights so if my taste changes on them it'l be an easy job. I'l let you know if it happens!

- Starting new thread today on the clio come visit

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