Bagged Mk3 Clio



Give the car a detail the other day and decided to go for pics.








Over the winter I hope to continue the front rub strip across the number plate recess, Schmidt Modern Lines 3pc (going to try to get bigger dishes so i can run 9.5/10 at the rear, Porsche Tombstones and then retrim them in leather and alcantara with rear bench to match. Clio 197 steering wheel. There is currently a group buy for bagyard stuff on a local forum so i may purchase the management for the airride.

cheers for reading :D
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As you have less than 10 posts your thread containing images was held in the moderation queue.

I've approved it for you and I must say that the car looks stunning.

What is the spec then? What's next? How much have you spent on it?
Thanks for the comments.

Specs are;

2008 Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 100bhp
Rayern Air Ride setup with water trap
Renault 'SX' bodykit
Full respray (except roof and boot)
Full JL Audio sound system with air tank mounted above boot build
Pioneer flip out dvd player
Lenso BSX 16 x 7.5j et 22 with 3mm spacer at front to clear air strut (strut made so the front goes as low as possible)
K&N 57i Indution Kit
K-tech racing dump valve
Suede a and c pillars, sun visors, roofliner dyed black and airride controls in suede housing.

As stated above, Many plans for the winter! Roll on show season 2011.

As for how much i spent its scary to think lol
i kinda almost like it ( i hate french with a passion! lol) , but as said the wheels look tiny.

IMO they need spacing and cambered up, the fronts look like they have a good degree of positive camber in the pics...???

That aside, i can definately appreciate the workmanship thats gone into that, and its a refreshing change to see french modified in a subtle way!

good work :)
Haven't updated this in a while. I have had a set of Genuine BBS RS for a while now and was basically making them fit the car lol

After a whole pile of welding, drilling, fire, polishing and what not, they are eventually on :)

They are 16x8.5 with 2.5" dish and 16x9 3.0" dish.

The wheels.

The rear camber.


Finished product. Not the best photo's but only took them quickly, will get a few better ones with the SLR tomorrow :)




i still think you need bigger wheels :s nothing personal but i really hate bbs rims (just my opinion, am i the only one? people rave about them)

but apart from that a very nice looking car :D
nah deep dished BBS RS's are the nuts, and I love the different colour combo's on each that looks cool, what size tyres have you fitted?
Now that is low! you must have ultra smooth roads were you are! :)
I wouldn't make it to the first set of traffic lights before I heard a loud scraping noise! :sad2:

with the extra camber at the rear the stance looks 10 times better than it did before.
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Hi Paul.
Your post got stuck in the moderation queue as you require 10 posts before you can upload pics or links. I've approved it for you this time mate.;)
Have a wander round an you'll soon hit 10. :)
So me and Todd were over at French Car Show in Rockingham.

But a couple more pics from that






And couple from Ballymena Car Fest.




And another one :)

Dude,i appreciate the amount of time and effort youve put into the car,but whats the point of having it so low,one slight bump and youll lose half of it unless your doing 5 mph!!
It doesnt get driven that low, it is on air ride suspension!

Absolutely loving this now! my criticism previously has been sorted, and my god it is 100% better for it. Absolutely spot on fella :)
I am in love with those wheels! I am afraid I am not a fan of them wheel arches though. Rest of the Clio is gorgeous! :) Good job!

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