Clio Respray?

- Hello, one of my first tasks when aquiring this car was to change the colour. as of yet it has not had its respray, nor do I have a decided colour!

Im Looking for your advice to what colour you would do this car and why!!



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well me being me having had the oppurtunity, would go with a bright orange or lambo green, as you will have a car that no one else would have plus it will be a head turner lol. but thats me, from looking at the photos its looks smart as it is but i wouldnt know, because black would be nice but is it worth paying out just to have your car sprayed black when it would be cheaper to just buy one. loving the rims tho, what are they? they from a 172 clio? cant see, they would look good on my car, and im thinking of getting some fat alloys on mine.
I think black or white or both will look really nice. Perhaps a Zebra or Tiger pattern to the rear like the ford Motorsport stripes. :D

Have you thought about getting a vinyl wrap done, it's cheaper than a respray will protect the paint and you can be a bit more adventurous when it comes to design.
im going to be no help here (i have to get my post count up somehow:amuse:) but i actually quite like the colour you have! i would however have the wheels and mesh a different colour;)
Alot of feedback thanks. I am really undecided about changing the colour though, it is very expensive. Plus i plan on having the interior stripped and refurbished. So money wont be on hand much.
- The orange is a nice idea as it would stand out which would be a big bonus, but after a while ii think for viewers and me as the driver it might become quite sickening? Just a thought.
- I'm glad you like the alloys, haha makes one of us! They arent my favourite part of the car but they do for now and again it would just be unecessary to spend money getting new ones.

Thanks once again keep your ideas coming and il reply when I can

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