BMW F10 F11 F07 Tuning

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We were asked for more information on tuning and building a modified F10 F11 F07 and particularly which turbo upgrades work best, so we've created this article which covers our go to upgrades for this car and what we feel are the optimum value upgrades you can do.

Gran Turismo is part of the sixth-generation 5 Series, produced between 2010 and 2017. The five-door model is the only 5 Series with a fastback body style and was also the first to use the N55 turbocharged straight-six engine.

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The silky-smooth straight-six was the first to use a twin-scroll turbocharger, making 1250 rpm, and peaked at 4500 rpm. The engine was designed to feel like a much larger V8, with an almost non-existent throttle lag.

The N55 works best with a higher octane fuel and feeding it low octane is clipping its performance potential. You may be complaining of low power while you are the main culprit who is starving the engine of its main diet – not nice!

The F10 F11 F07 is a good car modification project to play with. If you do your planning then you can create an awesome F10 F11 F07 but don't be fooled there are lots of competition inspired upgrades out there that will simply not suit it read our unbiased guides first.

Tuning tips and articles

F10 F11 F07 Engine tuning mods.

Typically these tuning parts are usually fitted by our members, decide how far you wish to go in your tuning project before you start.

Getting the best performance upgrades for your planned usage of the car is essential. Stage 3 motor sport parts just won't work well on the road difficult in stop start traffic.

F07 Tuning modifications.

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Best mods for your F07

  1. Air Induction and Exhaust Upgrades - Note that on their own these mods won't ADD POWER on most cars, but they can help enhance power after other mods by freeing up a restriction.
  2. Internal engine mods - crank, pistons, conrods & compression ratio including balancing and blueprinting
  3. Lighter flywheels - a lower mass flywheel will improve the engines rev changes. But not always suitable for all F07 engines.
  4. Upgrades to turbochargers and superchargers - forced induction is the most efficient approach to raise the intake air supply, allowing you to use more fuel and make more power. It is one of the most costly upgrades it offers big gains.
  5. Fast road cams are one of the most significant mechanical changes, but they must be fitted by someone who knows what they are doing and you might struggle to find one but there might be a local firm to regrind a stock camshaft .
  6. Braking Mods - Stopping your F07 ought to be high on your agenda.
  7. F07 Suspension Upgrades - Fitting a more sporty Suspension kit greatly enhances your F07 road holding and cornering. Coilovers and Bushings are the usual go to mods
  8. Tunes - A Remapped F07 ECU offers the most advantage in terms of cost, replacement ECUs, and Tuning boxes are all alternatives.

F07 Tuning Stages

Typical stage 1 mods often include: Alloy wheels, Suspension upgrade (drop 28mm - 43 mm.), Sports exhaust, Engine Tunes/Remapping, Lighter flywheel, Panel air filter.

Typical stage 2 mods often include: high flow fuel injector, fuel pump upgrades, Power/Sport clutch, Fast road cam, Ported and polished head.

Typical stage 3 mods often include: Engine balancingInternal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Sports gearbox, Competition cam, Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger).

Peak power is all well and good but for a daily driven car you need a wide power band and perhaps extending the rev range.

The aim of our guides is to share a limited introduction of modding upgrades and help you get started, our forum is best place to go if you need more detailed advice and tips on your modified car project, the best sport modifications and all aspects of modding cars.A fast road camshaft often proves to be one of the best NASP power modifications you can do with a single part fitted to your engine.

F07 Tuning Mods and Upgrades (How to get more power)

Every tuning mod or upgrade aims to increase the fuel and air that gets to the engine.

Typically, stock fuel pumps and injectors have a limit, and you will have better luck with aftermarket equipment.

A better fuel pump and larger injector are not standalone performance tweaks. They are part of the larger tweak project and will need adjustments to the computer.

On the other hand, a carefully polished and shaped cylinder head can increase flow into the engine and thereby improve your car's performance. This is admittedly a delicate process. It needs an engine strip down to skim the head and also install decent head bolts and good quality gasket.

You will also need to make the necessary adjustments on fueling and engine timing after the head work. If not, your F07 will experience dips and flat spots, which negates the primary goal of the mod.

You can also boost the performance of the F07 with a standalone bolt-in nitrous system such as the NX Dual Nozzle BMW EFI Nitrous Kit. This NX kit comes with Dual Shark nozzles that allow adjustments of between 50 and 300hp.

But keep in mind that nitrous kits require more experienced hands to fit. A wrong fit can turn catastrophic, and we want to avoid that as much as possible. The nitrous mod is not easy, and it is not legal in most states and countries.

Also, remember that nitrous shot requires a decent supply of fuel to achieve its full potential. A piggyback ECU can handle the fuel needs during the shot.

Some performance modders add a heavy-duty clutch to increase power but end up with a dip or other problems on their hands instead. The ancillary components and the stock clutch cable are often not designed to handle the new clutch.

Usually, a power and performance clutch is created with a high friction surface and cool down quicker. They may sometimes be brutal in slow-moving traffic, and pulling on a hill may need more than the usual calories because of the heavy clutch release spring.

While a good performance clutch is easy for most people, it also requires gearbox removal and an overhaul of other associated components. But even with the proper installation, the performance clutch will not add power by itself. Also, remember that a poorly installed clutch is prone to failure.

Upgrading the flywheel with a slightly lighter version will result in faster changes to the RPM.

F07 F10 F11 Best Engine Mods

A single turbo may be lighter and cheaper, but it is no match for the performance potential of a twin-turbo (two have always been better than one). With a couple of mods, your Gran Turismo can rule the city roads and the highways without batting an eyelid.

The first obvious mod to consider is the camshaft to raise the bhp and torque of the engine easily. But while a higher performance cam will add some power to the 5-er, it has its low downs, and the most apparent among them is a suffering low-end idle. Choosing a wrong profile cam can do more harm than good, which is not the idea.

Driving in traffic becomes uncomfortable, and some drivers have lamented their decision to upgrade to a race cam. The cam mod is just one of the several performance mods needed and will not be effective in isolation.

Overhaul the fuel pump, injectors, engine timing, and extend the intake duration or exhaust. You don't need to match the intake durations with exhaust. The cam has one main job, to regulate the opening and closing of the valves.

Just make sure the fuelling matches the new requirements, and the head and the intake flows are sufficient. We also recommend ignition timing and idle speeds adjustments based on the new cam profile.

ECU tuning and tunes or remaps is an easy and effective engine mod, and it involves matching the air and the fuel to push the performance to the next level. You can make gains of up to 40% with a computer reflash. As a twin-turbocharged car, Gran Turismo will respond better to the tunes.

F10 F11 F07 Intake and Exhaust Tuning.

The next area for modification is the intake and exhaust.  We sadly see many owners going with the biggest exhaust bore they can find, only to realize they are down on power, and the main restriction was in the headers anyway.

Induction kits are only beneficial to boost power if your cars air intake is struggling! Adding an induction kit to most small engines will see LITTLE LOW END POWER GAIN AT ALL.

If you have heavily modified your engine and it's need for air INCREASES DRAMATICALLY then an induction kit is the answer and will help remove this restriction.

Most people add performance exhausts to their bimmer to make them sound good. The cat-back sports exhaust gains are negligible, but things can get more enjoyable when you turn the attention to the exhaust headers - the manifold that links the exhaust to the engine.

The shape and design significantly impact the exhaust sounds and performance. Roughcast manifolds are pretty standard, but they are not the best. They tend to get too hot, and the flow is fastest.

Well-designed headers will have more impact on the performance than the cat-backs. Make a wise decision.

F10 F11 F07 Handling/Suspension upgrades

Many F10 F11 F07 owners uprate the handling of their cars with uprated suspension kits as a priority, this will certainly increase your enjoyment of the car.

If you set the toe out to 1-1.7 degrees on the front, and add a small amount of negative camber then cornering will usually improve.

Lowering the suspension to a maximum of between 20 and 40mm improves handling by reducing the center of gravity. Take precautions as wrong suspension drops can be a very costly mistake. You risk grounding out if you go lower than this.

Suspension mods include fitting a decent set of coil overs and adjustable shocks and adjusting to your driving style.

Upgrading your Bushes

Bushing upgrades are needed so what's involved?

It is possible to connect the F07's suspension components to the chassis of the F07 using poly bushes, which are drop in replacements for the oem rubber mounts. The rubber ones usually lose their shape with time and need replacing anyway so why not upgrade.

By replacing new OEM rubber bushings, you may greatly improve your vehicle's performance.

It's probable that the ride may be a touch rougher because of the stronger polyurethane bushings but they'll last longer and maintain tighter handling.

Increased vibration and play may also quicken the decay in other suspension components.

A new set of polyeyurothane bushings will help to mitigate the excessive play associated with rubber bushings.

Some poly bushings are hard to locate, but most will find the primary mounts readily available in their areas Often, custom F07 poly bushings may be manufactured to your requirements.

F10 F11 F07 Brake upgrades

You will find that most used cars have cheap brake pads with ground-level performances. They cheaped-out brakes directly affect the overall performance of your Gran Turismo.

Putting bigger discs and better high performance brake pads will make for dramatically improved stopping. (They will brake effectively over longer periods during heavy use than stock brakes will, but grip has more of a bearing on the cars ability to stop).

We should point out that some performance friction pads will be noisy and will need to be really hot before they bite.

In every day driving the brakes are only used rarely so will not stop you as well so choose friction pads which don't need to be really hot.

With the fade-resistant and durable Brembo ceramic brake pads from Turner Motorsport, you can improve the stopping power and performance of your F07.

There is also the affordable PB precision CNC engineered rear big brake kit, bolt-on upgrades in the market that will improve the braking performance of your BMW. The ideal size for the F07 is 286 - 444mm.

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