Tips for buying and selling cars

Insider secrets to help you avoid scams and negotiate a great deal.

Tips and pointers for buying and selling cars, helping you to check a car, warning you of popular scams and issues and giving tips on getting the best deals and offers in your car transactions.

How do you get a good deal buying or selling. How do you check a car you are buying? Find out with our insider tips.

When selling a car you want a fast sale and our tips will help you to get the very best price, even if you are trading in the car to a dealer or selling privately.

Most of these tips and articles are common sense, but there are new scams all the time and we aim to keep these articles updated allowing you to avoid them.

Audi RS4 vs BMW M3

Audi RS4 vs BMW M3 “So which car is better? Would I pick an M3 or the RS4?” The Audi […]

Best cheap cars to modify

If you’re searching for a great car to modify with a limited budget, you might want to check out these models. Best of all is that if something goes wrong during the modification process, it can be easily remedied because repairs are not going to cost a fortune!

Best Project Cars That Are Under $5000

Find the best project cars for your tuning project that come in at under $5000. You don’t need to spend supercar money to get supercar performance, here are our suggestions on affordable performance cars with plenty of upgrade options.

Easiest cars to modify

We list our favorite cars to modify and upgrade, helping you choose a great project car that has plenty of upgrade options and great first time modified car project suggestions.

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BMW 335i - 2021 COTY

We gave the BMW 335i our coveted car of the year award, read more about this awesome car and see why 335i Tuning Guide

Tips for N54 Tuning

Tips for N55 Tuning

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Brake Mods

Brake upgrade kits.

Engine Tuning

High performance engine tuning

Performance Conrods

Connecting Rods

Engine Swaps

More power with an engine swap a simple guide


Crankshafts – a complete performance guide

Painting Calipers

Tips on brake caliper painting.

Body Kits

Car bodykits. Side skirts, sills, bumpers and wide body kits.

Car Interiors

Car interior makeover ideas


Lowering the suspension. Ride height adjustments.

MPG Calculator

MPG calculator UK miles per Gallon - calculate MPG and save fuel