Modifications for the Peugeot 206

"Pugly no more."

The Peugeot 206 was first produced in 1998 and was set to replace the popular 205.

It quickly established itself as a popular choice for the family. The 206 is well put together and a rewarding drive.

With some well thought out suspension modifications the 206 becomes a veritable pleasure to drive on the roads. The first step with a tuning project is ideally uprating the braking system.

You have a few choices, ranging from an expensive big brake conversion kit to fitting larger brakes from its big brother, the 306 GTI -6 (you will not need to use the master cylinder but you may need to get the calipers from the donor model.)

Peugeot seem intent on taking the fun out of the 206 when they designed the air intake.

The models of choice as far as tuning go are the ones with the 2.0 engine namely the GTi and GTi180. The HDi turbo diesel is also a good proposition and with a simple remap is able to deliver loads of extra power. A number of TorqueCars members have gone for the Diesel route and are continually boasting about their power to fuel economy ratio.

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Handling/Suspension upgrades

Improving the handling for many tuners first priority in your 206 tuning project.

Fully adjustable suspension allows you to fine tune the handling of you 206 often enhancing your drive.

We would go to a maximum drop of 30mm - 35 mm on most models. You risk rubbing on the arches if you go lower than this.

Top end power should be your overall aim with a nice fat wide peak torque band.

Following our guidance for tuning your 206 you will attain a practical but sporty car that will potentially show up bigger cars.

Sadly with smaller engine sizes you are wasting your time spending money on modifications, so if this applies to you get yourself an engine swap then apply the following mods.

Power mods.

These mods sports parts are usually carried out by our members, decide how far you want to go before you get started.

Getting the right tuning parts for your planned usage of the car is a time and money saver. Stage 3 motor sport parts just won't work well on the road making the car difficult to drive.

Typical stage 1 mods often include: Panel air filter, Remap, Alloy wheels, Lighter flywheel, Sports exhaust, Suspension upgrade (drop 30-40mm).

Typical stage 2 mods often include: high flow fuel injector, Ported and polished head, fuel pump upgrades, Fast road cam, Power/Sport clutch.

Typical stage 3 mods often include: Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger), Sports gearbox, Internal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Competition cam, Engine balancing.

Peak power is good on competition cars but for a drivable and fun car you need a long power band and perhaps extending the rev range.We have heard of a 1.1 engine tuned for a power gain of 8bhp across the rev range (peak 4100rpm +27bhp) - but on the larger engines this same outlay can give you double this throughout the rev range. Go with a 1.6 or 2.0 petrol unit for the maximum benefit and return on your tuning investment.

Induction modifications. The intake on most 206 models is fairly restrictive 60 mm with silly amounts of padding further reducing the airflow. So many owners go for an induction kit, but you should really make sure you get a cold air feed pipe to suck in cool air if you are really looking for power gains and also go with a much larger diameter intake pipe in the region of 80mm.

Just upgrading the diameter of the entire air intake should yield power gains as Peugeot seem to have designed the engines to be starved of oxygen.

Some owners have reported problems with the throttle cable preventing the inlet valve to open fully, so take off the air filter housing and get someone to press the accelerator whilst you check the butterfly valve is opening.

We have started to see some impressive 206 Turbo conversions performed by leading Peugeot tuners. Sadly the turbo is not a bolt on unit and many other mods also need to be done to get this working rendering this a rather expensive exercise. 206 supercharger upgrades are also popular and these actually seem easier to do than a turbo conversion partly due to the near linear power delivery.

Why not join us in our tuning forum to discuss 206 Tuning in greater detail with our many enthusiastic members and get inspiration and ideas from our gallery and projects forums.

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7 Responses to “Tuning the Peugeot 206 for power and torque.”

  1. El Pablito says:

    I would like to know whether electrical superchargers are effective or not. Thanks

  2. Mike says:

    I have a 206 1.6 16v engine with 109hp and i wanted to put a 4-2-1 exhaust system without a catalytic converter an then renap the engine, how much power would i gain?

    • TorqueCars says:

      You are going to gain around 10-15bhp from those mods but it depends on the remap and how well flowing the exhaust is. It’s generally 10% on a NASP engine for high flow exhaust and remap, you might get a little more at the top end.

  3. Todor says:

    Is it possible to put brakes from 406 V6 to 206 GTi?

  4. Dawn Young says:

    Hi. What in term’s of bhp would a 4 into 1 stainless manifold give my Peugeot 206 gti 134 bhp. Thanks

  5. Kamil says:

    Hi I would like to tune my peugeot 206 1,4HDi, first of all I would like to change full brake disc to ventilated brake disc, but nobody can help me, from which type of car I can take the brake caliper which is compact with wheel hub. Can You help me? thanks

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