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What is a compression test? A compression test can be a very useful tool in checking the overall health of your engine. In particular the pistons, bores, rings, valves, head gasket and even camshaft can all cause lower (or higher) than normal compression. It basically tests how well the cylinders hold compression. What results should I be seeing? It is widely accepted that an engine in good condition should have all cylinders within 10% of each other and have compression as close to or within the specified range for that vehicle. Any different and chances are there's a problem. I will cover this later. How do I carry out the test? 1. First of all you need a compression tester. You can pick these up fairly cheaply (usually less...
Bit handy I thought. :amuse: MOT Testers Handbook * * New link thanks to Luton Matt
We get asked this question quite a lot so here is an introduction thread to cover the basics of adding a turbo. Feel free to add your suggestions and pointers below. (THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR QUESTIONS. They will be moved to their own thread.) 1) Please read these articles 2) Adding a turbo is expensive and costly. Expect to pay around £3000 upwards for a turbo conversion. 3) Internal engine modificiations are required in pretty much every case as the high compression ratios of a NASP engine will result in detonation. The idea of the internal engine mods are twofold. a) It strengthens the parts that...
Angel eyes car headlights are circural-shaped rings that that when light up give the agresive look to your car.They can be of diferent colour-white is the most comon colour,but blue and red are also very good.Home made ones are much cheaper than buying new ones,but it is not easy at all to make them.The proces involves heating,cutting,drilling,electrical wiring,patience,efford and time.They also wont look just like new ones,the rings wont be illuminated corectly-the bottom of the ring will be less illuminated than ends where the diods are. For the ring itself its best to use clear acrylic/plastic rod.The best is hex-shaped rod but square would be fine to.You also need to make multiple cuts(scratches along the bottom side of the the...
Ok, so i changed my pads after a very needed change, was left late as i get one day off a week and some theives stole my pads from the box in car, so had to wait another week to get it done. Ok, Step 1: Get car on a flat smooth surface gravel is not advised as jack could slip, undo wheel nuts slightly and jack up on relevent jacking point under car Step 2: Loosen and remove bolts from wheel in a criss cross formation. Step 3: Put removed wheel under suspension and disks for added security. Step 4: Next turn steering wheel so the back of the caliper is more visible Step 5: Loosen & remove bolt from rear of caliper (some cars you may have to loosen top one too) Step 6: On my pug they reccomend changing the bolt. Step 7...
OK heres a quick guide to changing a wheel Tools Required Jack preferable Hydraulic one Socket most common sizes 17,19,21. Better than the wheel wrench in the boot Torque Wrench and setting ( should be in the handbook ) Remove access to wheel nuts if required Loosen, DON’T remove the wheel nuts Jack the car up using the jacking points, reinforced sections Place the spare wheel under the sill or use an axle stand NEVER CLIMB UNDER A CAR SUPPORTED ONLY BY A JACK, IF ACCESS UNDER THE CAR IS REQUIRED SUPPORT IT USING AXLE STANDS Remove the nuts carefully Remove the wheel If you have any fit some copperslip to the hub, or the back of the wheel. This will help to remove the wheels at a later date Line up the new...
If you do this properly it will look Cool :cool: Things you will need: 1. Carbon Fiber wrap (cheap enough off eBAY) 2. Sharp precision knives 3. Hair Dryer 4. Thick cardboard - so you don't cut into the table 5. Thin cardboard - to make a template 6. TIME - Lots of ;) First find a piece of your car / item to wrap - give it a good clean with a tiny bit of washing up liquid - make sure it's completely dry, so the carbon can stick properly. Make sure you have lots of time for any item you want to do - if you rush this - it WILL look rubbish, which defeats the object of doing it. I'll show you how i wrapped my Cars remote fob... Chose the right blade - smallest the better Cut the Carbon down...
This is a very quick guide to fitting an amp into your car. Right first of all you'll need a set of screw drivers, some spanners, maybe some connection blocks, maybe some silicone and a selection of connectors. First job is to lay the wires. So the + cable goes from the + terminal on the battery to the + terminal on the Amp. Start under the bonnet. Remove the inline fuse (Always buy power + cable's with an inline fuse) Lay the + cable next to the battery terminal so it can reach. But don't connect it yet. Now find a suitable place for the wire to pass through the bulkhead. You should be able to find wires already going through so just cut the rubber and post your cable all the way through and silicone round it when finished...
the below link covers quite a few cars. PCD Offset and bores are shown
Here it is as promised a brand new forum for DIY tips and guides. Feel free to post up your (ORIGINAL) articles and ideas for DIY tips. You may also post up questions and add to or comment on guides in here. (That way we get a broad overview of opinions which is what we are all here for anyway.) TRY and keep this for DIY Guides and Tips only Please do not ask questions in this section
This is just a brief guide to brake pad removal and refitment (of new ones), this is done on an Impreza so rear calipers as well, not drums (when I replace the handbrake drum shoes will post this up but not a current plan). They are held in by pins which understand most modern cars are so should be suitable for others – not sure about Ford and Vauxhall, the older ones (escorts, novas etc….) definitely had to remove, or pivot up, the calipers to replace brake pads but not sure about newer models. In any case hope the below helps some (and apologies for the few photos). Required tools: Hammer (yes really v important) Pair of regular pliers 2 screwdrivers Broken screw bit or flat nail Bar Junior G clamp Tin of copper ease Small...
Already in my project thread but not easy to find in nearly 100 posts. 1. Take an old bike inner tube and cut the a foot long or so section off it including the valve. Length will depend on where you rad inlets and outlets are. 2. Fill your radiator with water and block up any sensor holes etc. Jubilee clip each end of the inner tube to the inlet and outlet of the rad like so. 3. Attach a bike/car/whatever tyre pump to the valve on the inner tube. 4. Pump full of air and look out for any leaks!
Check your car on the insurance database and on the DVLA database marti i used - checks the motor insurance database and dvla vehicle check
Let me start a small topic. It is a Honda Civic EK with engine swap. I am currently putting together a D16Z6 turbo engine. I would like your opinion and advice :) I will use - D16A6 engine block (same as D16Z6) - D16Z6 engine head - Chinese turbo copy of Garrett 3071r - Vitara pistons - Speed Factory long connecting rods -ARP bolts for connecting rods and engine head -Edelbrock intake manifold - throttle valve fi 70mm -injectors 750cc -Walbro 255 fuel pump - stock fuel rail -XTD stage 4 clutch kit -oil cooler 12 rows - aluminum water cooler -I'm thinking about MegaSquirt V2 or Hondata S300 -ACL Oil pump High performance (if I can find one, out of production) And some other parts, so I won't list every little thing... I'm curious if...
hi i have recently got myself a polo clssic 1.6 and on inspecting the engine bay have spied some devious little rust spots staring to appear on the top of the suspesion mount i think... anyhoo what advice can people give to remedying this problem as there is little to no space to get paintbrush betwix shock and bodywork externally and if i only treat the top then the problem will be more likely to occur,, especially as i have to drive 30 miles across moors evryday before 6 am so daresay im going to encounter a little bit of roadsalt!! cheers ppl
My '98 Tahoe has to sit a bit more than it's been used to, with fuel prices hiked a lot, so I put some of the most common fuel stabilizer I've seen here -- Sta-Bil: in the tank with fresh gas. And I was surprised. It helped a lot. Even though I have been using Sea Foam and one or two others occasionally. Did the same with my sweet wife's Ford Focus. The bottle mentioned (very briefly) treating the whole fuel system, so I wasn't too shocked, but I was wondering, does anyone know if there risks, downsides...? The bottle says it can keep gallons of fuel good for 24 months (!), which is pleasing. I remember a different brand of fuel stabilizer having a warning of not using...
Hi there, new here and have a rather specific question. Recently made a purchase of a bosch kts350 for diagnostics. It runs Windows 10 and plugs straight into an obd and has alot of other connection capabilities. My question is, can this be used for remapping? It is essentially just a hand held computer, so would make some sense if there was just a cable and software able to do this.
Hey guys, So, Im wanting to get started on a project car in a few years time once I’ve done my degree so I’m gonna get started on collecting tools and accessories I’m gonna need for when I get started. If anyone has any particular brands they want to recommend, specific tools that I’ll need everything like that it would be so helpful. I don’t mind paying a good price for a reliable, hard-wearing piece of kit.
Where do you start looking when a car wont start? I thought it would be handy to have a thread to help people diagnose non starting faults. Post up your experiences here and what faults you have encountered and how to tell if that is the case next time. 1) Check you have fuel. (Seriously, don't assume you have. Lots of people call out the breakdown people to discover that they are out of fuel.) 2) Just a click could indicate a knackered servo in the starter motor. If there is no click then apply a fuse protected current to the +ve starter terminal to see if it goes. 3) Turning over engine that refuses to fire is either a fuel or electric problem (no spark). Where do you start tracking these ones down? Other problems that could...
would anyone be interested in a step by step guide to *wiring* a car audio system, covering headunits, screens, amps, speakers, crossovers, power caps, twin batteries , what type of wire to use, and what thickness, etc. it would be step by step, but entirely technical - i appologise but i dont do fiberglassing or anything like that, so id hate to try and tell someone else how to do it. if you think this would be useful/or you would like to contribute then let me know.
I have a set of m parallels for my e38. Problem is I purchased them with chipping black paint. I prefer the factory finish underneath. What would be my best option to remove the top paint without damaging the factory finish?
If anyone is a visual learner my YouTube channel may help you out. It's all DIY style videos about my various car projects. I have 3 older bimmers that I tinker with passionately. I decided to start the channel as a way to document what I'm doing to the car and to build a network of ppl who can learn from my projects and also help me with advice and or opinions. A forum of sorts. Hopefully some of u will stop by a watch a few of my vids. Thanks.
If anyone is interested in a detailed step by step video tutorial of how to custom retrofit Orion4 halos into Depo class housings for BMW e36 models, I have a video on YouTube. My channel name is Project Bimmers. All my videos are about project work I have going on with the cars. I appreciate if anyone checks it out.
We bought my '98 Chevrolet Tahoe used, and within a year it blew a turn-signal bulb in the rear. A really helpful auto-parts store guy informed me that this was the only common issue on this vehicle that he knew of (quite true so far; Bertha, the truck, has otherwise been very nicely reliable). So I began to look at options. The store had LED bulbs which were listed with exactly the same part numbers. I tried two different kinds, and odd behavior resulted, lights coming on and staying off just wrongly; so I replaced with incandescent that time. I was also told that the circuit-board is often at fault, so I replaced that too. Eight months later or so, ditto. So I dug, and I learned that there are special flashers designed for...
Hi All, Firstly, I apologise if this has been asked before, if so can you point me in the right direction? I have recently bought a new car (2012 MiTo QV) I recently noticed that a previous owner must of got a great big chip on the bonnet and tried to fix it. But looking at it, I feel they must of done it with their eyes closed or let a 5 year old do it. It is just terrible. The fact I have now noticed it, I now can't stop seeing it. It looks like they used to much touch up and it actually ran out of the chip and bubbled just below it. Do you have any advice, hints or tips on how I can possible remove the crap touch up and re do it better. Cheers Lindsay
Greetings everyone! So as my title says I wanna add a supercharger to my car but it's not as simple as it sounds sooo I need some help :)) Sooo lemme tell y'all about my car, it's a mark 4 golf but it's an sdi, and it's super clean and as complete as possible and I absolutely love this car that I wouldn't want to see it go away but it's slow and engine swapping it isn't an option here cause that would prevent me from registering it legally (in Israel the new engine should be the same as the previous one aka same engine model number thingy "AQM") I thought of adding a turbo charger for it but that's rather pricy So some googling later I found out about the Aisin amr500 it's a small supercharger and they're pretty affordable on ebay and...
Hi everyone. I just bought a Chevrolet Matiz 2007 model. Full service done plus new brakes and pads and brand new clutch kit. The things is, while im driving, the car doesnt have power in acceleration, it brakes or slowing down while i am accelerating. Doesn't go over 40m/h and drink 80£ worth of petrol. Last week while driving on motorway the car was trebling and the steering wheel too. What might be the problem guys. Please if anyone has any idea please share.
Hey just asking but is it possible to remove the lens on a headlight without destroying them ???
Picture this: you’re broke and you just cracked your bumper and, suddenly, your ride isn’t road worthy anymore. You still need to get to work but you don’t have the cash need to buy a replacement bumper. You have two options: hoof it to the bus or try to repair your cracked bumper yourself. In today’s video,Chris Fix shows us how easy it is to fix it yourself using a drill and zip ties. Not only is it cheap and easy but we think it looks amazing! So, what do you think? Is this something you would consider doing even temporarily? We love the look and think we might be on the edge of a new trend but we have been wrong before. Share your thoughts and be sure to subscribe to Chris’ YouTube channel.
Hi Where is the cheapest place on the mainland to get a lightened flywheel for a hyundai coupe 2.0 L 2003
An overall engine tune up such as performance spark plugs, wires etc...also ignition and valve timing will be adjusted and thinner head gaskets will be installed to improve compression ratio while retaining power at lower revs.
Hi guys, So out simply, what maintenance should be carried out on me car! Apart from refuelling which is probably the most obvious and I know a few others but I just want to see if there's somethings I am missing out or forgetting about. I drive a little Peugeot 208 Style [1.2L] Thanks in advance :)
If your car won't start use the checklists in this thread to diagnose the problem. Flat battery - do they lights dim to a faint glow when the starter motor cuts in? Starter motor - does the starter motor relay click into place, is the starter motor actually spinning and turning over the engine. Sometimes you lose some teeth on the starter ring so there is no contact with the starter motor, putting the car in gear and rocking it backwards and forwards is usually enough to rotate the starter ring slightly and make contact. Please suggest other things to check in the event of a non starting car in this thread.
Hello guys, I have bought a BMW 728i 1996, around 220 000 km. I was thinking to increase the horse power / torque on this engine. What is the best thing i can do? installing a new, modified cpu or changing the sparkplugs / fuel pump or any other idea's ? I'm verry interested! If you perhaps have a repair manual or techical info about this car i would be gratefull! Greets, Spillie :)
There comes a time when every paint job has reached the end of its natural life. Assuming you care about these kinds of things, what do you do? Wrap it or paint it? When it comes down to it your costs will be about even so it’s really a question of preference. If you’re looking a truly unique pattern or finish (like the sticker bomb wrap above) then wrapping s the way to go but nothing beats paint for durability. So, lay or spray? Weigh in here and we’ll let you know the results next week.
Hi everyone I've decided I want to give it a go at putting a SR20 engine into a Nissan Micra. I found the engine haven't got the car yet looking for 'the one'. The only thing i'm not sure on other than fitting it in is which gear box to use. I'm trying to do this on a strict budget and hopefully mak4 it into a tread once done.
any serious advice on how to get rid of dog smell inside the car. previous owner of my car has a dog and the car stinks. ty:mad:
Hi guys, I’m here to get some advice to buy a 1967 Mustang. My cousin owns a Mustang 1967 model and I got a chance to ride it. It was an awesome experience and from then I really want to buy one. However, I’ve been thinking of getting an old one and I even discussed with my cousin to know more about it. But I got to know that it is very difficult to buy an old car. Hence, I searched online and found some tips that should be considered before buying an old model ( when I searched online. Do I need to consider anything else? Please share your experience. Thanks.
so i have recently got a aftermarket air filter which i which to fit to my renault clio 1.2 for the noise really. But not really sure how to go about it, the videos on youtube aren't very helpful because as far as i can tell i can't find a Filter box. so not sure where to begin.
Anyone tried the Trinity Chemicals version? eBay item number: 332039546252
The following guide was written specifically for the BMC CDA air filter but the basic procedure can be applied to any similar Oil impregnated paper filter. I would recommend using the manufacturers specific cleaning kit designed for which ever filter you have. Right my BMC CDA air filter is way over due a clean, BMC suggest cleaning their filters every 15,500 miles, I think mines done at least 20,000! So here's a basic guide with a couple of extra tips for cylindrical CDA filters that aren't covered in the manufactures basic instructions... Time to complete whole job: 1 Day. Actual time fiddling & getting covered in red oil 1-2 hours. You'll need the following basic items: BMC Air filter cleaning cleaning kit...
I posted up a question about how many could change a wheel which is something i think is very basic and everyone should know how to do this. what this thread is for is ideas for other guides such as checking / changing oil checking / changing sparks basic guide to change pads and discs basic wiring for stereos basic wiring for additional lighting we already have an MOT checklist so this is something that could added. does anybody have any other ideas or even their own guide to how to do anything? must be their own so not to infringe anybody elses work This will remain a sticky for one week (until 14th) so all members can find it easy if you get it by inspiration
Hello everybody, Just thougt I'd share a recent innovations votive solution for an in car iPad mount. Or any other tablet for that matter... The problem: 90% of us who use or even own a tablet tend to keep it in a protectve cover, yet manufacturers of 'in car' mounts seem to have overlooked this and only supply holders that fit the iPad by clipping into place in the it the protect be case. For anybody who spends time on the road and uses their iPad as a sat nav (as I do) this means swapping cases constantly, which is a complete waste of time! The solution: This is what I did with my Jaguar, but this could be utilised for many other types of car with very little modification (if any), do so at your own risk, I am simply sharing what...
Got a squeaky boot when driving \Bpug 180. But cant for the life of you find the cause!!!! The 180 doesn't come with a spair wheel, so you get a repair kit , this kit comes in a small polystyrene box which is attached to the inside of the boot. Well thats your squeaky boot. Polystyrene box with polystyrene lid !!!!! Squeak squeak squeak. Drove me up the wall for months. :rofl:o_O
If i had to remove the cam covers, sand of the paint, polish it to a shiny finish, would a high heat clear coat stick to it or would I need to do something else before the clear coat. Any ideas or tips or do's and dont's welcome. Give it to me straight.:?
I'm posting these up so I can do a before after thingy...
In the process of restoring my Corvair I discovered and wrote up a paper on the restoration of Stainless and Aluminum trim. I'll be using the same on my Dauphine. What is nice about stainless is that it is almost indestructible. It is relatively easy to take really damaged pieces or scratched pieces and make them like new. You can download the pdf here: This is how my windshield trim turned out: It actually started out like this: The rear trim started like this And ended like this Aluminum is softer, and has to have the anodizing removed first (but that is easy too). Here is a headlight bezel before: And after Hope this helps. Sure is cheaper than replacements...
My 2003 punto does not have an intermittent rear wipe and only one setting on the front . In my local scrappys there are some with the function an the stalk , so question is if I replace my stalk with a different one would I have the function ? I have read that it is the stalk that controls the functions . I have had a look on line and from what I can find out there is one wire missing between the stalk that has the function and one that has not . Can any one shed any light on this ? thanks for looking
Have any of you done any paint spraying on your car? Any tips to pass on? Can you get a decent finish from spray cans of paint or do you need a proper paint spray gun?
A comprehensive guide on repairing leather car seats. If it's cracked, split or just worn it is possible to perform an invisible repair and make the leather look as good as new again. Leather repair kits for DIY use are quite common and actually work very well indeed. Continue reading...
2013 Genesis Coupe. But you can do this with any car. So on Amazon I found some ver cheap LED lighting and picked up 4x 30 cm LED red strips (not very bright, US$6.88) , and 2x 2 waterproof LED white lighting strips (almost as bright as headlights, US$5.85 for each). You'll need a soldering iron & solder heat shrink wrap (or tape...) elec tape (if for nothing else than to wrap the split loom junctions) install bay 1/4" split loom to wrap up the wiring wire (thin guage wire is fine, LED takes very little power) I used speaker wire hoop terminal connectors (or you can wrap the wires around the screws for a ground) wire strippers This weekend I did a little project and did an easy LED strip lighting mod to my car. I'm looking for a...
My original blog post which has images. I finally finished replacing the clutch cable on my brothers pug106, it's not technically difficult just incredibly fiddly but still best done as a two man job to keep up morale as it took us 4 days. The worst thing is the Haynes manual only considers it a one spanner/novice job! Some people have had luck in doing this in 5 minutes some took hours and many clutch cables. Here's some information and a guide which might make the process easier for you... The clutch is basically a disc which in the default state is pressed up against the engine flywheel by strong springs, when you put your foot on the clutch it pivots and pulls the clutch cable up and this moves the clutch release lever and moves...
hi guys. The fuel rail on my ep3 in making a clicking noise. And the engine management light came on. Don't know if they are related?????
I have a few bad scuffs on my alloys. I would consider trying to repair them myself. I would like advice on the best kit available and any tips you may have.
This is an article is primarily based on a 2002 VW Bora, but I've changed discs and pads on many a car down the years and the basics are pretty much the same for standard systems. Because car makes and models do vary we suggest you consult with a good workshop manual to get an overview of the specifics for your car. As always if you are not reasonably competent at car mechanics please leave work to a professional. Continue reading...
Hi, This is my first post although i will do a newbie introduction shortly. I'm at the end of my tether and looking for some help. Im changing the front strut on a 2006 ford fiesta due to a snapped spring. Its my first attempt at this kind of thing and if done my research bought spring compressors, watched videos etc etc. So were on al stands, the wheel is off the brake line and abs sensors are disconnected from the strut. Im now trying to remove the bolt at the top of the strut that connects to the stabilising arm. I turn the nut and the bolt turns with it. There is no head to grip at the other end. Ive sprayed with wd40 and tapped with a hammer but nup not happening, Today i bought a nut split thinking that would do the trick...
What you need to do an oil change. Here is a simple checklist of the items you will need to perform an oil change on your car.Oil changes are the most essential service items and regular changes can make the difference between a car that covers 200,000 miles without fault or one that needs a rebuild after 90,000 miles. Continue reading...
Hi all, in my Corsa 1.2, the indicator is showing an irregular pattern, i have done the standard stuff EG. walk around the car to see if any of the bulbs have burnt out. But all the indicator bulbs are on and fine, i have also tried the hazard lights and they have there normal flashing pattern so its just the indicators (left), could it be a relay of some sorts? Thanks
Hey guys thanks for looking. So guys my friend with a gti 180 is getting a new full exsaust system apart from the back box . Its not blowing or anything he has just got his hands on a sportyer one . Basicly what i want to know is if there will be any benifits to putting the exhsaust off the 180 on to my normal gti ? .also what about the sensors will i be better off with his or mine ? . Thanks in advance gtivirgin
I want to remove my current tank as im caring too much fuel on track. My question is what do i need, Do i need a tank with swirl pot? Or can i use a foam filled tank as im trying to eliminate fuel sloshing about. Ive no idea when it comes to this im allowed an aftermarket set up and will use a tank with approx 12 litres. Looking at one like this ** Removed URL as per our T&C's** Any information much welcomed on this thanks. Car is 1.6i.
The normal 12 piont type will most likely slip and round off the corners of nuts/bolts especially if they are not in A1 shape so IMO it is better to have 6 point tools ( normal/most common are 12 point) and better still to buy FLANK DRIVE tools as they exert pressure onto the sides/flat surfaces and not the corners so there can be no rounding of the corners. The brand you buy is up to you as the price range is wide with the top being Stalwillie and Snap On. Happy to be corrected by the more knowledgeable if my info is incorrect.
Ok so i plugged my pug 206 gti in to obd and it showed up coil bank 1 so ive sourced a coil pack off of a breaker on facebook 15quid . But its off a vts will this be alrite do you think . The guy says they are all the same i sent him a picture so he cud see mine . . I dont know if its going to be the same do you guys think it will fit ok and spark at same rate ? Not slow me down or damage my car ?? Here is pic of my gti coil Cheers gtivirgin
Hello all . Can anyone tell me if there is much diffrence between my 04 plate pug 206 gti and my friends 03 plate . So far all i can see is i have a esp button lol . And are all of the stearings this heavey . I just came from a golf gt tdi 115 that was easyer to stear than this .... any common faults i should be on the look out for ? Ive got a bit of juddering when pulling off in 1st gear i think maybe a bit of sliping of clutch ? But the car was sat for a while with a oil leak suposidly from the oil filter ? He had it fixed before he moted it . Maybe oil on clutch i dnt know i havent a clue really.... anyways thanks for looking at my post and thanks for any thoughts or feedback ..cheers virgin
This is my first time ever turboing a car my civic is 100% stock I just would like to get a good idea on what's a good turbo for my car and what all I will need to have in it fully turboed and running properly. Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I want to reduce the thickness of my car's fibreglass body by grinding away the inner surface. Any idas of what would be the best abrasive pad/disc to use?
hi guy`s im pumba from gwent lol im hoping for some advice. i have a 206 1.4 an is looking to convert it to a 2.0 gti engine,both cars are preplex 1.4 2000 an gti 1999.i have a whole gti as a donor car.if any one has done this or has any info id be very gratefull. im looking to see if any one can give me a list of what id need to change an what to look out for,so far this is what i think id need engine+box complete front subframe inc,brakes,legs sterring rack ecu an key chip,engine loom fuel pump rear axel(mines knaffed any how) dash clocks is this all i need or am i missing something also my mate owns a garage doing mechanics an electrics so will have the use of this :lol: thanks in advance guys
Just remove it from the car.:blink1:
Does anyone know if there are DIY (Do it Yourself) manuals for a Mitsubshi Lancer CE, it's an 03' GLi model! 4G93 engine 1.8l thanks heaps! :bigsmile:
What is everyone using to track service completed on your cars and trucks? I want a product that is not an app.
Hello Ive a 407 2.0Hdi which just got absolutely coverd in bird dropping over last summer when I was away... now the paintwork is burnt with many flat dull blemishes. I spoke to one spray shop about repairs and was told as its a peugeot it would need a complete respray of the effect panels which is most of them... I cant beliebe that just because its a peugeot I need a full spray, he also allided to Tcut etc just making it worse... Any ideas or advice....
I am looking for a good platform to start out with. The VAG 1.8T is too expensive to ensure, so I am looking for a non turbo engine. To make it even more complicated I like to have the car look standard when you first take a look at the car. So no turbo kits or such things. I am not that old, so max 125 BHP. I know all the rules I just made makes it VERY hard to come up with some ideas for a car, but please tell about it ;) I do like the Corsa B since it's a small car, but I don't know how well it is for tuning... (Sorry my bad english)
I have a Polo Vivo 1.4 and want to turbo charge it with a small turbo for some extra power. Can someone please advise me on what parts i would need and how to go about it and what will need to be done please.
hi all. does anyone know if the wiring and plugs are in the doors to put lecy windows into a mk 2 mondeo that has got silly wind ups? thanks in advance.


Hi I am building a Morris Minor with a Nissan 1400 drive train. I would appreciat some help with sinmple wireing diagrams. Love the sight. Thank you.:lol::lol::lol::lol:
Is there any tutorials or information where I can get guidance on replacing my car radio with an ipad.
Hi, Decided to get a full setup , so i can start doing my own repairs and also with a view to possibly in the future , training up and doing this for a business. Got 20% off at machinemart till this weekend so wanting to buy tomorrow.. Can you think of anything im missing from the list below for somebody who has a bit of knowledge , and wants to do general repairing etc.. 2tonne Lift jack Axle Stands Creeper & Seat Inspection Lamp Tyre Inflator Wheel Brace Engine Lift Transmission Lift Engine Stand Bench with Vice & Grinder Jump Start Pack Tow Bar Jump Leads Magnetic Tray Compression Tester Cam Locking Tool Helicoil Pipe Bender Torque Wrench All the usual sockets, ratchets, nuts, bolts, pullers, splitters etc...
hi if i bore out my air flow meter by few milimeters lets say 3. made by hitachi on my 1990 4.0l jag will it need to be recalibrated or will it recognice the modification and readjust it self? just an idea red about this hot wire and dont know how it works any help welcome;)
What tips would you have for someone wanting to remove rust from their car? What would you do to fix surface rust? What about deeper rust where the doors or boot have become very corroded?
hi just bought a part finished sylva jester but no build manual any one help thanks
Following some shocking examples of car control and road sense in my area and as requested by HDI fun here is a guide on how to drive. If you know how to drive then you probably needn't bother reading this. Controls. A car has 4 main controls. The steering wheel is the round thing in front of you. In some cars it may have a flat bottom but generally it is round. When you turn this to the right the car goes to the right, the more you turn it the more right you go. Then we have the pedals conveniently arranged in reverse alphabetical order so we can remember them. Clutch, Brake and Accelerator. The clutch is used to stop a crunching noise from happening when you change the gear. Press the cluctch just before you move the...
I'd like to give a shout out to these: I've had them on the red Lude with Koni sport dampers since August & their great. Its a bit of hit & miss when mixing different springs & dampers but this setup is working great.:amuse::amuse::amuse: Only thing is, I can't go as low as I'd like with the body kit on.
Hi, *Removed URL as per our T&C's* and i'm looking to turbo my 2 litre 406 coupe, i understand that there is little chance of turbo'ing the n/a so i thought i could drop a turbo engine in from the 406 sallon 1997-1999 turbo verson... Has anyone done this before? and if so what are the pros and cons....
Alrighty then.... Ive done a fair bit of spraying but nothing fancy, but was gonna have a stab at the mpv as it needs to be smartended up and needs the extra protection. Trying to keep this short, i want to deal with all the minor rust thats appearing. The final goal though is to wrap the vehicle for business use. So before I burn cash wrapping bad pannels i wanted to get them keen and protected from future probs. A mazda mpv 2003 from the factory would be sprayed with water based colour paint, but a thinner based top coat, is that correct? Is there any chance I could key the affected areas, spray using a solvent based 2k paint a holding coat, build it up and then flat it. Give it a month or so, then it could be wrapped...

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