Adding a supercharger to my car


Golf mk4
Greetings everyone!
So as my title says I wanna add a supercharger to my car but it's not as simple as it sounds sooo I need some help :))
Sooo lemme tell y'all about my car, it's a mark 4 golf but it's an sdi, and it's super clean and as complete as possible and I absolutely love this car that I wouldn't want to see it go away but it's slow and engine swapping it isn't an option here cause that would prevent me from registering it legally (in Israel the new engine should be the same as the previous one aka same engine model number thingy "AQM")
I thought of adding a turbo charger for it but that's rather pricy
So some googling later I found out about the Aisin amr500 it's a small supercharger and they're pretty affordable on ebay and my car being a diesel it doesn't rev up high so I think it could work?
Also I don't really plan on going for huge horsepower numbers, I'd be totally fine with 100-120hp instead of 68 just to make it a bit easier to pull up on highways and etc soooo what do you think guys? :D
I am willing to tune it
Btw I did retard the timing to give it a little more diesel and that kinda helped but still