2.0 NA to 2.0 Turbo PUG 406 Coupe Conversion


*Removed URL as per our T&C's* and i'm looking to turbo my 2 litre 406 coupe, i understand that there is little chance of turbo'ing the n/a so i thought i could drop a turbo engine in from the 406 sallon 1997-1999 turbo verson... Has anyone done this before? and if so what are the pros and cons....
Welcome! The 406 also came with a V6 24v engine, which will be a cheaper and much easier then turbo'ing your NA 2.0ltr. But wether or not the conversion is easy with the V6, I haven't got a clue.
no there is a 406 2 litre turbo engine which was only done in the saloons 1997-1999, and im not being funny but you just sound like the 406 owners club, all they talk about is the 3 litre engines and from the reviews there rubbish :L but i know the basics off dropping on in, it's just i need to know if it will start of the ecu etc... :)
The V6 engines happen to be very good.... Just peugeot let it go from the factory under powered. A remap will solve that though.. :)

I presume both 2ltr lumps will use the same engine mounts, but the turbo will have uprated internals and a turbo manifold bolted on. The NA engine ECU will not work with a turbo 2ltr engine as both ECU's are mapped for extremely different purposes. Drop a 2ltr turbo lump in and see if you can get the ECU with it, or buy a doner car....

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