Car care tips and secrets

How to keep your car looking and running like new?

Follow our car care articles and tips to keep your car in good working order and running reliably. We cover all aspects of car care and maintenance.

Our insider tips will ensure your car is always looking and performing it’s best.

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Car tuning tools

Find out what tools you need and what our recommended tool sets are for mechanics, and car tuners, or anyone wanting to do DIY work on their car. We look at everything from sockets to pits and car lifts.

Converting a car to EV

Converting your car to electric power Instead of buying from the ever-growing Electric Car market, you may wonder can I […]

Removing carbon

A look at why carbon build up happens in our tips and guide on removing carbon build up from the intake valves on a direct injection engine. We look at, how to remove it and give tips on preventing it happening in the future as frequently. Reviews of intake cleaners and professional removal services.

Choosing and caring for garages

Keeping the damp and wet off your car is a major consideration in most countries.

We look at the common pitfalls and issues and provide tips on how to spot structural problems early on before it is too late.

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BMW 335i - 2021 COTY

We gave the BMW 335i our coveted car of the year award, read more about this awesome car and see why 335i Tuning Guide

Tips for N54 Tuning

Tips for N55 Tuning

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Performance Conrods

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Fuel And Additives

Fuel and fuel additives octane and pressure boost valves.

Customizing Cars

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Directional Vs Asymmetric

Directional vs Assymetric tyres

Turbos Vs Superchargers

Comparison of Turbo’s and superchargers

Matt Paint

How to get a matt or silk paint finish.

Suicide Doors

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Car Styles

Definitions of car styling looks

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MPG Calculator

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