Project Moff - 600 BHP R33 GTS-t Race Car

Hiya All,
I'm new, thought I would start a thread, about my Skyline build.. :)

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Will have soon, push button start has been fitted, all stickers removed. Just need to get some pics up :)
Well, its been a while. We recently had the car in the unit, and have now removed all the stickers ... New Look for the car coming soon :)

Here is a little bit of fun... 360 degree video of how the car looks now..

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in updating...

We have been busy with the Plasti Dip, nearly finished the car, will post more pics shortly :)



cool mate, good luck, it's a beautiful car.
i have one question, the piston rings are an issue at these, and do they need to be changed when tuning to high performance?
What isn't left to do. Never ending...
Engine covers to be repainted
Interior gauges to be removed, and replaced.
Wheel arches to be made up
Then rear diffuser and under tray to be made.

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