Project Moff - 600 BHP R33 GTS-t Race Car

Hiya All,
I'm new, thought I would start a thread, about my Skyline build.. :)

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Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while.. !

After the car was all finished, we were on our way to the first show at the beginning of July, all excited ! Got 5 miles from home, and bang, a Lorry on a roundabout pulled out and hit the back of the car !

It was early in the morning. Luckily some witnesses saw the whole thing, and were more than happy to help out and give reports to the insurance company.

Its taken about 3 months, but insurance has now paid out (non fault claim), but the car has been declared as a Category D, which I’m gutted about, but it was the only way I could keep the car.

This is a highly highly modified vehicle, which I have insured under its own policy, with every modification declared, and always have done.

HUGE thank you to Lee Haswell at A-Plan, and Kindertons, sooooooo glad I paid for the legal cover each year !

In over 20 years of driving, I’ve had very few claims. I thought due to the nature of the vehicle, and the modifications this was going to be a horrible end to a car I own (ironically, 13 years this year) with a rubbish pay out !

Have I said thank you to A-Plan yet. An insurance company is only as good in the event of a claim, and this was really hassle free. Brillinat Brilliant Brilliant !

I can now set to rebuilding the car (Once Stagea Project is finished!)

Not too looked at the damage too much yet, but the rear wheel is buckled, and pointing the wrong way. Its shifted over the boot lid, bumper and broken both rear lights !


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Know your pain. My 944Turbo that I had been getting to work right and upgrading for 3 years was written off one cold winters morning. Like you, so glad I had an excellent understanding insurance company and agreed value along with all the declared mods on the policy.
I'm sure you'll have her back on the road
Oh Man! That is really bad news! What a moron. I hope you get it all sorted out and back in better than new condition.
I would think that you would have been able to claim "Justifiable homicide" as your defense if you had done what you had probably wanted to do to the other driver when it happened.;)
Well, after a while, and thankful we pay for legal cover, insurance now settle as a non fault. Big thanks again to A-plan. Mention TMS Motorsport when getting a quote :)

Time to start rebuilding... As you can see the wheel took some damage. So a new one was needed..



Full full story on the Project Moff Blog...

Project Moff Blog - Insurance settled
Hi All, We have updated the blog with our progress. We have started to strip down the mechanical parts of the car to see where the damage lies.

A broken tool and the use of fire along the way.... Have a read :)

You can read everything we have written at The Project Moff Blog

As always, love to hear peoples comments..
We have been working closely with the guys from Nitron, to have developed the worlds first Nitron R3 - 3 Way adjustable kit for the Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t Project Moff.

PROJECT MOFF - Worlds First Nitron R3 for Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t

They kindly put together a write up about the full process. If you weren’t already aware, Nitron are one of the top Suspension manufacturers.

Read the full teccy stuff about suspension on the blog -

Read the full blog below

PROJECT MOFF - Worlds First Nitron R3 for Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t

We can't wait to test these on track in a couple of weeks once the car is back from the tuners..
Hi All,

Lots of exciting new updates....

The full story can be read on the blog. Project Moff off to the garage - Part 1

We had a new water pump, cambelt fitted, as its been a few years since the last one was done.


The Nitron suspension was fitted, and we had 4 wheel laser alignment with corner weighting done.


The full story can be read on the blog. Project Moff off to the garage - Part 1

Keep checking back, next, the Link G4 ECU gets fitted, and the car goes on the Dyno...



Read the full story on the The Project Moff Blog

Sometimes the simple things catch you out ! When you have bonnet pins, make sure they are down before setting off ! Luckily we had finished racing around the track for the day. As you can see from the photos below, it has caused quite some damage !

Bonnet pins broken, all the bonnet bracing cracked, bonnet corners broken, and the windscreen is cracked !




New heated front windscreen fitted. One question which will probably be asked is 'what external trim did you use?'. We have just used a universal one. Some say they don't fit, some say they do. We are in the 'they do' camp. We did have an experienced fitter, maybe that can be the difference !?



Read the full story on the The Project Moff Blog

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Tongue firmly in cheek but knowing Steve being OCD /anal when it comes to weight reduction along with making holes in everything he gets his hands on did he cobble up the gussets for you.:lol:
I don't think anyone else has driven it apart from me... all miiiinenenneneeee... mwhahahaha

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