Sleeper in nothing but name.

"Sleeper's Stagea Part 1"

This is the Clark Kent of the car world. It looks like a big estate car much because it is a large estate car.

In standard form this car has plenty of poke when you need it being a Nissan Skyline in slightly different clothes.

TorqueCars member Sleeper could not see any other car that would do.

His past includes racing a Desmodronic Ducati and he has a long history with fast cars.

He wanted something fun and powerful but it needed to be a practical daily car, although now the car is used for spirited weekends and shows. Sleeper has a business importing Stageas and was looking out for a highly modified example for himself. Nine months of looking resulted in a phone call from his contact in Japan putting Sleeper and this stunning Stagea together.

Sleeper is no stranger to high performance cars and also owns a 32GTR Skyline in the rarest std Nissan colour which he is restoring to exactly the spec as it came out the factory in 1991.This was also sourced from japan to order - it comes in handy being in the trade!

As sleepers go the Stagea has to be one of the most impressive.

There is also something a little more exotic sitting in the wings a 1973 Porsche 911 Targa which came out of the Porsche factory with the same bodywork as the famous original lightweight Carrera. This will be a future restoration project and no doubt we'll be reporting on the progress of this in due course.

The highlight of owning this car is being able to scaring the pants off Focus RS and Porsche drivers, the size and shape of the car really hides the enormous power on tap.

One of the drawbacks, and Sleeper listed this as the only one is the running costs but that's to be expected and you certainly get what you pay for.

The original spec of this car was:-
Engine - Rebuilt R32GTR rb26 twin turbo has twin apexi power induction with apexi elbows ; HKS EVC5 electronic boost control (max 1 bar)
Greddy iridium racing plugs , splitfire coilpacks , Full earthing kit ,
Uprated Nismo clutch and 5 sp manual GTR gearbox.
Its has the ATTESSA AWD system ( same as a GTR)

Cooling - front mounted HKS intercooler with hardpipes , HKS aluminium alloy radiator , Front mounted HKS oil cooler (thermostatically controlled)
Engine management - Apexi Power FC mapped by Rob at Perfect Touch (the guy that mapped the lemon if that means anything) Has Apexi el 2 White electronic gauges with warning and 30 sec playback ( Boost ,fuel p oil temp ,EXT)

Exhaust - twin HKS downpipes 3" decat and 80mm custom stainless rear box - its loud
Brakes are Brembos and vented discs from 2001 R34 GTR v spec ( and hubs) with Nismo braided hoses . Wheels are AVS model 7 with F1s .

Handling - Lowered with adjustable Bistein monotube Suspension with Whiteline springs , Also has uprated adjustable anti roll bars (whiteline) and cusco rear adjustable camber arm.
Arrived from Japan with a custom sound system which is amazing when parked but little use when the revs are below 4k rpm ( or above for that matter )
The complete bodykit is genuine Nismo with series 2 crystal lights. Interior is charcoal/seude recaros with interior retrimmed to match.

Sadly on a spirited run the engine sort of resigned! This led Sleeper to do some soul and wallet searching and he went for a full rebuild using the highest quality internals. All the work was done by Tweenierob and T R Racing.

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