Spotted another TC'er or seen something special? Post it here...

Welcome to the Spotted thread. Have you seen another TC'er or something out of the ordinary that made you stop & stare? If so take a snap & post it here! :D

No web finds please, keep it to real cars on the street, car park, garage, your mates house, out side the pab etc...;)

Here Is my first offering...

Seen outside Halfrauds in Cannock this afternoon. The cars belonged to members of the Cannock & district car club & they were there helping to raise money for the County Air Ambulance.

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TC ModFather
Alone in the dark.
Insignia SRI.
Saw a Matte black DB9 the other day. Looked tough as....
And about 20 mins later saw an old Ferrari but can't think what it was called.
Looked a little like an old Le Man racer but i'm not sure?
Couldn't snap a pic cause I was driving. :sad2:
The Ferrari was :love::love::love:

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