Spotted another TC'er or seen something special? Post it here...


Welcome to the Spotted thread. Have you seen another TC'er or something out of the ordinary that made you stop & stare? If so take a snap & post it here! :D

No web finds please, keep it to real cars on the street, car park, garage, your mates house, out side the pab etc...;)

Here Is my first offering...

Seen outside Halfrauds in Cannock this afternoon. The cars belonged to members of the Cannock & district car club & they were there helping to raise money for the County Air Ambulance.





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Re: The spotted thread.


Not a great shot I know, but it's a rat look VW, Type two, split screen panel van/bus. What made it really special was the way it suddenly woke up over took a car & disappeared with a lovely air cooled WARRRP! I suspect some Porsche fiddlings :D


Saw this today at the super market, propa toy! :bigsmile:​
Re: The spotted thread.

coupe: is that the same type that Mcqueen used in Bullitt? looks similar and was just watching it this morning (well the car chase part only) - such a great sound!
Re: The spotted thread.

The "Spotted" thread should be for spotting fellow members. If most members have a sticker in the rear window of their car then people should post part reg's and descriptions or take photos of fellow members they spot
went to the cannon raceway friday for a bit of karting only for 4 of the lads to moan like like #!#!#!#! that the track is to slippy:mad: so now rebooked for a later date

so the best bit about the night was seeing these 2 vehicles



Took these last year when I dropped my mums Impreza off at Scooby clinic for a new clutch.


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This beast was also there hiding in the back of the workshop.


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Love it, I bet the TVR purists will hate that! It's quite funny, there's a guy who transplants LS1 V8's into Mazda RX7's and their putting a Jap engine into a TVR! :lol:
It was awesome to look at soooo much fab work on it. Haven't been there in ages so dunno if it's finished or not yet?
Think it was being built for TOTB.
Love it, I bet the TVR purists will hate that! It's quite funny, there's a guy who transplants LS1 V8's into Mazda RX7's and their putting a Jap engine into a TVR! :lol:

The both did the transplants for reliability:-D
It is a good combination, the cerbera weighs only 1100kg when it's go everything in it, now who knows?!?!

but really as good as the skyline engine is, I would have kept the 4.5 v8 in it, it's a race bred engine so it's ain't crap,

but still a crazy combination that I would love to have a go in :)

Saw a GTR parked up in Rugely powerstation a couple of months back, took a pic but not worth posting or anything because they're so common now.
I agree too, I see more R8's than GT-R's. But saying that, there's a nice pearlescent white GT-R that I keep seeing over Dorridge when I'm working over that way.
Sheltered lives. I've seen at least one GT-R every week for as long as I can remember. Have seen two on the same day once, so have some of the lads from work because they were with me lol.

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