VW golf mk1 EX engine 1.8 automatic Turbo conversion ideas?



Heya fellas,

Might be quite a silly question, I own a 1.8 EX 8v petrol VW golf MK1 it's an automatic, hehh

I've got hold of a smaller Garrett turbo from what I think was an Ford Escort 1.8 diesel van with 70K on the clock, only 40 quid like so a proper bargain, zero play in the barings and a nice intercoole, Diesel turbos tend to also be a bit smaller and of a lower compression which is why I kinda thought it would be better to go with this rather then a petrol version, not only this but it kinda ended up like this as I did not know too much about turbos as a whole before buying, but like I've said it worked out better after finding out.. Anyway story aside..

It's not hard for me to mod the exhaust system to accommodate the turbo, nor is it going to be hard for me to add the intercooler or mod the oil system, either by using a separate oiling circuit with a electronic oil pump, it's not even going to be too much of a mission to get the turbo air intake into the carb engine.

It's more of a case of the engine blowing, I did not want to raise the boost to any kind of racer levels or have a whopping dump valve blowing as I come off the pedels, I'm just looking to raise the efficiency higher up the 100% scale, I've been reading that the compression of a NASP engine can come up around 60% or so and even adding the turbo to gain say 10-15% more I would be happy with.. But I'd like to do this without modifying the internals of the engine.

Most owners use induction kits and gain 10BHP, fast-road cams and what-not.. I've even seen these little fans which insert into your intake pipes, which I say is a good idea.. Even these raise the compression levels and they don't really require you to mod the compression of the cylinders and fiddle about with the engine spending a good few bucks to get you along the way :)

Do you think this is wise? The route I'm taking and also along the way maybe at shows it's a little blagging right too as I don't know of a single VW golf mk1 engine running a turbo, even if it's only running at 25-40% of it's actual output it's more then they have eh :)

Also it will help the engine pick up a little quicker and raise the efficiency which is what I'm mainly after ;)

Anyone have any thoughts, I'm really looking for some kind of reassurance as people running nasp engines don't have too much room for movement on power gains without either swapping the engine out for something higher or really spending a pretty penny getting there.

Kind regards,
First off, you dont want to raise the compression, you want to lower it. Raise it, then add a turbo and it WILL go bang.

Double stack 2 metal headgaskets will lower the compression enough to run a turbo.

Secondly, The little fans in the intake is just a gimmick. They do not work at all.

Look around some of the big VW forums for ideas, this has been done before, both in mk1 golfs, and in Scirrocco's ( same engine,chassis ).
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