Golf mk3 1.8T engine swap question

Yes you can, this has been done a fair few times before. You will need the Audi engine, loom and ECU and also the gearbox.

It would also be a good idea to fit some bigger brakes to the car.

Are you doing this yourself? Is it your first engine swap?
the newer 2.0 TFSI audi engines are harder to confuse than the older 1.8t they will fit with alot of custom work but trying to get passed the immobiliser is the harder part
Nope it would blow up. The engines compression ratio is too high for turbocharging. You'd need to lower the compression ratio and fit stronger internals to cope with the extra power.
depends on what you want to use

if your using the old 2.0 NASP engine then make it stronger and then look at fitting throttle bodies etc.
but for ease fit the 1.8 turbo engine and have it mapped your looking at 190bhp-270 depending on what engine you go for.

have you thought about a VR swap ?
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