Mk4 Golf 1.6 16V AZD engine swap to 1.8t


1.6 16V golf mk4
Hi all, first time on here, but everyone's gotta start somewhere eh? I have a 2002 Mk4 with the 1.6 16V engine, engine code is AZD. Bought it for £300 as a stop gap while we needed 2 cars for a short period of time and for the 3 months I drove it I really liked it as a little run around. The only issue with it is that it is incredibly slow, like so slow I thought there was something wrong with it, which there frequently was, but nothing I couldn't sort out. I don't need it anymore as I drive a works van so it's been gathering rust. I looked to sell it on and the only offer I got for it was £100 from a scrap merchant lol. Soooooo, I thought about turning it into a project car and doing some mods. I've refurbed the brake calipers etc and lowered it on coilovers, cut out some rust and welded in new outer skins to the front wheel arches just for something to do of a weekend during lockdown. This is all fairly minor stuff. Looking to get stuck into something meatier and wondered about the feasibility of swapping the 1.6 engine for a 1.8T. Never done anything engine wise before but I figure now is as good a time as any to learn. I imagine I will need a 1.8 gearbox, uprated suspension and bigger brakes etc. Have had a good look around and can't find anyone who has specifically done this mod. There's loads about putting a 1.8T engine into Golf's in general but what I wanted to know is if anyone can give me a head's up on any specific barriers to this swap into the model of car I've got? The point isn't to end up with a super fast car or to own something which the neighbours will make appreciative comments about so I don't want to just buy and R32 etc, I just want to learn a bit more about working on engine internals and have some fun whilst doing it.

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