What engine for a golf gti mk2

Blimey - that's surely more than one question.

Welcome to TQCars by the way.

If you can find one and if it will fit then the 2.8 litre narrow angle V6 is probably the most desirable. Technically it's nearly a straight six with slightly offset bores to shorten its overall length.

I've seen the 3.6 v6 out of more modern Audis/VW's been transplanted into these,

I'd go for something like a g60 and replace the SC with a rotrex unit

It would also be worth while in seeing if the 16v head will fit on the block,

it also depends on what power you are after though, and what your driving style is
i'd go for the tdi, it's been done before but with the 1.9,

Indeed it has. The V6 is quite 'wide' mounted crossways which might present a space problem.

In the A6 (and also A4 IIRC) it's mounted longitudinally with the transaxle turning the drive through 90 degrees to drive the front wheels.
bloke a know managed to blow his 2.5v6 tdi engine up, and unfortunately it was just out of warranty (this is a while ago now) and had to fork out for a new engine, he had it service by a dealer everytime,
The 2.5 TDi V6 was a belter of an engine at launch in 1998 with it's 150bhp rating. I had an A6 2.5 TDi on loan in early 1999 and it was very pleasant indeed. Possibly the first time I really didn't mind driving a diesel.
Another pompey lad. whats your mk2 look like chap? ill keep an eye out for you!

Im about to build another mk2 i think, once the Rado sells, gonna buy a minter shell and drop a new engine in.

In terms of simplicity, a VR6 will drop straight in, and charging one is nice an easy, expect to pay around £2.5k on parts though so hope your handy with spanners.

have seen a few V6 4motion lumps floating around cheap, with all you need for a conversion for around £900. approx 212bhp out the box, and easy enough to squeeze them up to 250bhp.

all depends on what you want from the car really mate!

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