Testing Radio Head Unit


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A few days ago I was doing some wiring (some of you may have seen my 'wiring issues' post) and pretty much killed my radio. I know the problem is not a fuse, and I didn't leave any wires cut. I need to find a way to test my head unit to see if that's what I need to replace, or if I broke something deep inside the car's internals. The radio doesn't power up at all and no lights come on. I don't have another car I can put it in, and I don't have another head unit. Everything else on the car still works fine.
Remove the head unit. Find a suitable earth and run a live from the battery to the head unit. If it powers up it's the wiring. If not it's the head unit.
Also you may need to plug the aerial in as some headunits need them to power up.

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