Radio Swap Help Needed


hixon, tennessee USA
2000 Toyota Corolla
my car's a 2000 toyota corolla CE, and i want to change the stock radio with an aftermarket one. I need to know how to take out the stock radio from the center console. It has no visible screws, so i need know what to use and how to take the radio out without messing up my center console. If anyone knows how to do this swap please give me some info.
Pop off plastic dash piece using a flat head screw driver. (Look on bottom for slots and carefully pry off. You should be able to just set this piece on the dash and leave all wires connected) Once done, you should see 4 screws holding factory stereo in. Remove. Carefully remove factory stereo and unplug antenna/power connectors. Plug in new stereo. Slide into place and replace screws/dash panel.

Hope that helps.
thanks for the info, just installed it. I had to cut and twist some wires to then to fit together. I also had to get an adapter for the new radio. Took a total of about 2 hours to do the whole job. I've never worked with radios, but it was pretty straight forward.
Thanks for the help.
No problem. I do a ton of radios and always seems like they find new ways to make it hard to install an aftermarket stereo. Just be glad you don't have a Mazda3 as you would have lost a ton of your gauges/info unless you buy an aftermarket adapter for them.
Yeah, it was relativily easy to do, just time consuming. After I installed my radio, i showed it to my friend and he decided to swap his radio out. He asked me to show him how to swap out his radio for a better one. I did the job a lot quicker then my radio swap, and it turned out looking great. He was really happy with how his swap turned out, and i'm just glad i got to work on more cars. :)

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