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volvov70/1998 2.5
Hi all, anybody tell me if I can change my current sterio/cassette on my v70, to a sterio/cd player..have seen some advertised quite reasonable and wonderd if the wiring loom and connections were do they pop out easy enogh from the fascia....any help on this would be very helpfull..........john
Re: radio swop

Hi there, you can indeed! the existing loom will be fine for the minimum 4 speaker setup, also depending on the Volvo set that you currently have, there are mounting kits that can convert the larger Volvo stereo set to allow the installation of the Din E units available now.
If you have an ipod, then you should look for the stereo/cd head unit with an input for the ipod either via hardwire or bluetooth. The car Hi-Fi world is large, extensive and fully available to you, and is only limited by your bank balance, ;)
Re: radio swop

Hi T9, Thanks for replying, the sterio on offer is out of a volvo 850,and says it will fit the v70, the present one I have in at present is a SC_802 model,but according to the manual the SC_805 will also fit,seems the same shape and size,its just the depth,,so before I shell out for one its best to get advice...also have just noticed is that the only visable differance is the slott for the cd...look forward to your reply.......
Re: radio swop

The depth should not be an issue, if your reason for a Volvo replacement is only the possible ease of fitting, then I would suggest your money would go much further with a quality after market system from Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, etc.
Depending on your budget, Halfords do quite a good range with free fitting, better quality, better audio capabilities and with the ability to add amps, subs and additional toys later on.
Have a good think about the pro's and con's before you make the final decision, I have never known a car manufacturers system to have been any good unless of course it was designed by Bose, Mark Levinson, Naim etc, ;)
Re: radio swop

Thanks T9, good advice before I shell out good money,was only thinking about it because the radio is part of the fascia and to try and fit somthing in the hole vacated by the present radio may look abit naff..but thanks for helping, and would welcome any advice of any other v70 drivers on there views...................
cheer,s T9

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