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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
Which radio stations do you listen to most in the car? Are all local radio stations vacuous wastes of nothingness?

I still like 6 music and BBC 4 extra but our DAB setup in our car is rubbish (it a separate plug in unit that transmits the DAB signal to the main radio and even with a booster ariel the reception through FM is rubbish, I think we have too many stations on FM down our way.)

Without DAB I listen to heart a bit but it winds me up something chronic as it's always playing wham and long forgotten 80's music! I then switch to radio 1 or radio 4.
Just radio 1 for me. I rarely tune into anything else but I usually have CDs and MPs playing.
Radio 1 Chris Moyles keeps me sane on the road! Stops me from running out of the car with an axe towards the retards of the road
I only listen to Five Live Sports. In particular 606 football discussion on a Saturday as I drive home from the missus' place. Other than that the radio is full of rubbish imo.

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