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What is the radio reception quality like where you are? Can you get DAB?

Some parts of Dover especially along the coast have very bad radio reception. Are there any major blackspots where you are and would a new bigger ariel fix this?
DAB is pretty much useless around here. we have it at work and have the choice of BBC1 or 2 and thats pretty much it. thats with an ariel thats already 40mts in the air

car reception is non existent as the ariel lead is up front and disconnected :p
FM is good in Hastings (south coAST uk) but AM is patchy. DAB is useless and I think it's one big con! Where you can get DAB in my view it's no better than FM.

DAB is another 'too little too late' technology. As is digital terrestrial TV - this started in around 95-96 and it's taken until 2009 to get ratified standards. Minidisc much the same, and DAT.

FM reception here is marginal, DAB is poor, even on domestic equipment with a broadband log periodic receiving antenna on the roof (of the house, not the car)

I'm just south of Buckingham and the antenna is oriented towards the Sandy Heath transmitter. Bedfordshire. The other option is the Oxford transmitter.

I am not aware of any narrow band local relays.
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dont think it will happen in the near future. look how long its taking them to switch over to digi tv. went went over around a year ago and your still having folk panicking about it in other areas. can you imagine if we were told analogue radio is going and you all need to buy new equipment
DAB allows a wide selection of programs on the same frequency band plus you have digital quality which does mean you either get a perfect signal or no signal at all due to the cliff edge effect (similar to satellite TV's).

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