Supercharger Pressure Release Valve Location


Scotland, Glasgow
BMW 323i (e36)
Hi all.

I have a blow through supercharger setup (maf and TB after SC) and I was trying to find the best way of locating a Pressure Release Valve.

Currently, I have both a Bypass valve and a Blow off valve fitted with <1bar springs in each. I was curious as to whether or not this is the most efficient setup. Does anyone else have a similar setup and what do you run to make your engines run optimally?

Personally I use a partially atmospheric BOV, some ECUs don't like the drop in pressure and missing air. I guess you've mounted after the MAF, which could be a problem, you don't want all that air registering and fuel being pushed in when most of that air is going to be vented away.
Hi mate, thanks for that. Currently I have the BPV set up after the MAF and the BOV just after the intercooler but well before the MAF. I thought I’d use the BOV as a sort of Overboost protection sort of thing

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