E60 supercharger questions


05 525i M54b25 E60
Ok..so I purchased a 05 525 I.. and it has a vortech stage 3 supercharger on it.. ran good untill it blew a hole in the intake. Now with a new intake...I'm getting all kinds of codes that I didn't have before. I contacted VF Engineering..the ones who built the car and thier saying the programming is outdated. Ok..has anyone got this new HEX programing? Looking to see if allows user interface, changes, performance info..things like that.. any help would be appreciated.
Sorry I've not been around much, I've been fighting off a DDOS attack on this site. Hopefully performance is back up to where it was, or perhaps a little better.

So apologies for my late reply, and thank you for your post.

Have you explored the world of piggyback ECU's, they offer quite a bit of extra refinement and are quite well suited to supercharger applications.

Have you plugged all of the air leaks? Is it running lean or rich? What sort of error codes are you getting?

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