supercharger, help me choose pls


Hello to you all, I need serious advise. Help me to choose the correct size of Eaton supercharger pls. I have help of a first class mechanic, the best tuner of Thailand, wonderful fabricator and tig welder.

The choice in second hand superchargers is limited, usually Mercedes models. New is no option, its far to expensive.

I have 2.5 liter Tdci engine (common rail intercooler) modified with Garrett GT2056 billet runs max 30 psi produce 300 bhp+ 600 rw Nm (runs great, but to much lag, to less top end)

I'm looking for no more than 400 bhp/800 Nm (less would be ok) by adding a supercharger, because I seek better drive ability first, second durability. My truck is fast already.

I have the following questions:

1) could I use a small Eaton model? I seek 8 psi which in compound might give me 40 psi. If yes, which model to go for?
2) I have a large racing IC already installed, do I have to install an extra cooling device, like a small air/water cooler? (to cool before the air enter the SC)

Note: my tuner has a race truck, same engine, different turbo, 460 bhp/980 rw Nm (I do not wish that setup)


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