1. C

    Hello - I'm Chris and VAG obsessed :)

    Hi Everyone, Long time ago I had a VW and fell inlove with it. Then an Audi TTQ, and now a Cayenne 4.2TDI 2013. I love VAG cars. Doing some research on improving the vehicle, I found out about the little supercharger from the Cayenne 3.0V6 Hybrid - and bought one. How crazy is to install...
  2. N

    Eaton M65 vs M62 vs TVS R410 vs R1320

    Greetings! I own a Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor (w209) m271 1.8L going from Stage 2 (~241PS and 380Nm) to Stage 3 and have a few questions about upgrading the Supercharger. Stuff like IC, exhaust, headers, cams, gearbox, ECU tune etc. has been done, questions remains about the Supercharger...
  3. K

    Fiat bravo 2,0 hgt supercharged??

    Hello. I have this fiat bravo 2,0hgt 20v but i have it swap with the engine from a fiat stilo 2,4 20v. Now im thinking about makeing some more fun and add a supercharger. Does anyone tryed this before? It looks like i have lot of space if i dont use aircon pump and replace with supercharger...
  4. devman

    Kia Stinger Twin Charging ????

    I need to know is there a super charger out there for a 2018 Kia Stinger 3.3TT ( Lambda II RS T-GDi ) ??? The stinger comes with a twin turbo v6 AWD. I want to Twin charge it. Knowledge please????
  5. A

    Twin charging Land Rover turbo diesel?

    Hi all, new here so hello! Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of adding a small supercharger to a turbo Diesel engine....? TIA
  6. Racer75

    Supercharger Pressure Release Valve Location

    Hi all. I have a blow through supercharger setup (maf and TB after SC) and I was trying to find the best way of locating a Pressure Release Valve. Currently, I have both a Bypass valve and a Blow off valve fitted with <1bar springs in each. I was curious as to whether or not this is the most...
  7. Racer75

    Boost Pressure Question

    Good evening all, I have recently completed my project of fitting an Eaton supercharger to my e36 323i. My SC is on the A/C side and uses an Intercooler. This is then fed through a BOV then into a MAF and finally into the intake. The boost gauge is hooked up to a fitting before the BOV and runs...
  8. D

    Turbocharging or Supercharging a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.6 RSi's rocam engine

    So my dad, brother and I got our hands on a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.6 RSi last year, and it's been one of the most fun cars we have ever owned! The previous owner installed a Viper Performance F1 exhaust, bored the pistons 20thousanths of an inch and installed low compression pistons. The car has top...
  9. B

    Forced induction on a Fiat 128 SOHC 1.3 engine.

    Hi, I am looking for a budget increase in power on my modified overland vehicle. It is a Fiat 128 with 1.3 SOHC, 2 valve, aluminium head, iron block engine with a big bore and short stroke 86 x 55.5 mm and 9.20 to 1 compression ratio. Nice and high quality engine, but with the increase of my...
  10. R

    Twin chargers, the best of both worlds

    I'm Ron, living in the Dallas Texas area, I was very fortunate and was lucky enough to have Research and Development at ProCharger install a supercharger on my Ram 3500 6.4 Hemi. Now I have to try a Twincharger, supercharger and turbo charger I am open for advice and tips as well as builder...
  11. C

    Twincharging a Honda Civic Type r

    Is it possible to add a supercharger to a Honda civic type r?
  12. Z

    Newbie with a '93

    Hi All! I Drive a 1993 Vauxhall Astra California (Mk3 Phase 1) with a little 1.4l NA engine and have a few things planned. However, I'm not entirely sure where to post everything so it may take a while for questions and queries to reach their appropriate topics! Main Intentions: -Revive old...
  13. F

    Twin charging a Volvo s80

    Hi all, I'm interested in adding a supercharger to my 2005 s80, but I'm not really sure where to start. I want to add low end torque and take off speed, since the existing turbo gives me high end power, but it doesn't have to be anything too crazy. I'd like to do it without having to upgrade a...

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