1. B

    M51d25 tuning

    Ideally need to know abit more about tuning the original pump, I ha e fitted the gt2556v turbo I also used a td5 wastegate actuator to recognise positive boost pressure. Problem is I get huge flat spot when boost comes in. Unless I use every mod. All good and well but you can only do blasts with...
  2. Racer75

    Supercharger Pressure Release Valve Location

    Hi all. I have a blow through supercharger setup (maf and TB after SC) and I was trying to find the best way of locating a Pressure Release Valve. Currently, I have both a Bypass valve and a Blow off valve fitted with <1bar springs in each. I was curious as to whether or not this is the most...
  3. Racer75

    Boost Pressure Question

    Good evening all, I have recently completed my project of fitting an Eaton supercharger to my e36 323i. My SC is on the A/C side and uses an Intercooler. This is then fed through a BOV then into a MAF and finally into the intake. The boost gauge is hooked up to a fitting before the BOV and runs...

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