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i know about turbo's i.e how they work an fit on but i dont know much about superchargers apart from the run off the engine and give constant power thro-out the rev range (dippending on if you get a spiral or root or vw's g ladder which aint that good) how hard are they to fit onto a a3/a4 and is it possable. and also will it put the insurance up stupidly.
PLUS would it give more power to a 1.8 over a turbo. i know the turbo works quite well but i want something a bit special.
No turbos give more power - the problem is the lag. A supercharger will give a constant shove pretty much from no revs at all.

Im interested in combining the two technologies like the Twin Charger to see what happens?
i think its vw who have done a twin charger, do you know if its just the case of wacking in a supercharger on a turbo car or do you have to do other things?
Turbochargers, to give them their full name are 'turbo-superchargers'. A supercharger is driven mechanically directly by the engine, a turbo is driven by exhaust gases.

Mechanical superchargers aren't common on 4 stroke diesels. With petrol engines they can give stunning results.

You can't just bolt one on, however.
You need to remap for the new intake parameters, increase the fuelling and make sure the engine is strong enough for the extra power.
so it is possable to supercharger a 1.8 A4 if i make sure the engine can take the extra power and sort out the remap and fueling?
yeah its possible. youd need to get the

supercharger, intercooler, pipework form intake filter to charger - charger to intercooler - intercooler to throttle body, injectors + possibly fuel rail and pump, low compression pistons and a remap.
As pg says - it is possible but a lot of work. It would be a bit easier adding a supercharger to an already turbo charged 1.8 as the internals are built for the extra pressure.
Done over 4000 miles on my supercharged fiat on stock internals, no remap, no injector change same fuel pump
cool cool, so as it would be a lot of work im guessing it would be a lot of money aswell, i would be planning to do this my self as i am learning mechanics now and have relatives who own there own garage who will do anything to cars if you have the money, well.... part from a remap as they dont have a dyno machine.
nice, not too bad on the wallet then, how many hours work do you recon it would take, and on another note, just wondering if its past my expertiese what sort of amount are we talking of if i take it to the garage to do
oh yeah an thats a nice sound your fiat makes when you boot it near the end of that vid. you can hear the super wirr away. im guessing thats what it is lol
plus what kinda supercharger would you recomend and where would be the best place to get one and the tubes plus intercooler from?
the intercoolers easy enough have a look on ebay for a cheap front mount also look at forge who do front mounts. or you could stick to the sidemount off the 1.8t engine. if you go down this route try and get a twincooler of an audi tt 225
cool. i've heard that the eaton chargers start to tail off power in the higher revs but provide good low down torque. glaymore what kinda super do you run? a roots type? screw type? g lader or centrefuge? does anyone know what kind of power increase you would get from fitting an eaton m45 to a 1.8 audi engine.
Hi Guys
first post[, thought i might jump in on this one, have an A6 4.2 quattro, and i am looking for info re supercharging, anyone know of a good firm to talk to.
ptr /B]
Hi rabbit and welcome to TorqueCars, nice to have a fellow Audi owner along. Have you chatted with Awesome Gti - they are pretty good at custom mods along these lines.

Not heard of anyone fitting a supercharger to a 4.2 - isn't there enough power there already ;)

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