Tune Audi 80 2.0 1994 Carburetor



Hello there!
I got lot of questions on my mind...
I'm planning to tune my audi 80, it is an 2.0 90 bhp carburetor engine and i want to make it better. but i dont know what woull'd be best if i changed engine or tuned the current one?

If i choose to tune it what can i do to tune it and how ? i don't have much intellegence in carburetor engines.

If i choose to change the engine, which is the best to install and what do i need to think of?
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You would probably benefit more from swapping it for an injected version and perhaps a bigger capacity engine at that. Most Audi's can swap parts very easily. I doubt there is much scope in a nasp engine as yours to obtain much more power without alot of work.
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