Audi are losing it IMO


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I was chatting to an AA guy and a friend the other day. Both have concluded that Audis and by extension the whole VAG group cars are becoming unreliable.

My friend has an S6 from 1999 with 235,000 miles on the clock. Very little goes wrong with it. His wife's 07 plate Allroad has had no end of problems.

The AA guy was saying he's called out to more and more Audis each month.

The TFSi engines suffer from carbon build up, the DPF filters are a real pain to live with and often clog up with average driving use.

I put this down to the cheap imported electrical components they are using. I'd rather pay for quality but I guess manufacturers just want to shift boxes.

What manufacturers would make a good alternative to Audi? Something smart looking and solid but that is actually reliable?

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