Info needed on Audi 2.7 TDI engines


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I hope people don't dislike Audi drivers too much, I might become one. got word of a 2006 A6 with the 2.7tdi engine coming up soon, one owner plus the supplying dealer from new, full Audi service history, around 68,000 miles and in my price range. One question I have is about this engine, I was told anectdotally that the early 2.7 is a bored out 2.5 while the later one is a stroked down 3 litre tdi. I've been looking round the web for info and can't determine fully. I did find the attached photo of a 2.7 but it's clearly a timing belt engine whereas they're supposed to be chain driven. Anybody know if ther is an early/late 2.7 engine?

Audi 2.7 tdi V6.jpg
Here is what Iv'e dug up so far but nothing on the engines origins. These were fitted to the A6 by engine code and year.

163 PS; 161 bhp - Audi A6 (BSG: 01/05-10/08, CAN: 10/08->)
179 PS; 177 bhp - Audi A6(BPP: 11/04-10/08)
190 PS; 188bhp - Audi A6 (CAN: 10/08->)
OK thanks for input. I'll need to see if I can get the engine number or VIN or something

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