Audi S2 Coupe Quattro 610hp. Winter 2013. Video

Engine specs:
2.2L 5-cilinder 20V engine
Holset HX40
Wiseco H-beam forged rods
Wiseco forged pistons
Modifed Cilinder Head
Wagner Tuning intake system (intake manifold, piping kit, front mount intercooler)
Custom exhaust manifold
Bosch 040 fuel pump in the tank and 2x main fuel pump Bosch 044.
Injectors 1100cc

610hp and 630Hm at 2.0bar (29-30 psi) boost.

Winter, generally, boost pressure is reduced to 400-450 hp
But on some tracks on a special sports tires (spikes 4.5mm), we can use the full power. It's really fun!

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