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Audi Coupe 2l16v
can anyone help with my qustion relating to power steering master cylinder for 1994 Audi Coupe 2L16v? Have had 2 new power steering master cylinders replaced because of leaks in different areas am in dispute with a national garage repair firm who have replaced the units under warranty twice but not willing to do it a third time even though the leak is clearly coming from unit.Need to know wether euro part is sub standard and wether the red hydraulic fluid used by them could be a reason to why gasketts get blown! any ideas? pls reply
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That is an odd one. Is the car subject to abnormal shocks in its operation? Are you leaving it parked on full lock or doing anything else that might put a strain on the system.

It sounds like either a bad set of parts or a design flaw. Are they fitting the right unit? Where is it leaking from exactly?
hi waynne thank you for yr interest in my problem. The power steering units have been euro parts and the leaks have sprung from different screw areas which im told is set at the factory. they have worked for 3-6 weeks before failing. Just wondering wether they follow correct procedures and using correct grade fluid when installing? Also LUCAS have a stop leak fluid on the market wondered if that might work.? any thoughts would be welcome!
The stop leak stuff can be quite effective. It will penetrate the rubber causing it to expand and become more flexible. I doubt though you will have much success as the rubber seals in yours are new.

Under consumer law you have a good case against the garage unless they can find another fualt on the car which is somehow overloading the PAS pump which I can't imagine is possible.

Ask them what grade of PAS fluid they have used and compare this with your handbook.
Sorry this reply is late, I've only just got back into TC after an absence of sporty cars to drive.

I have an Audi coupe 16v and found my power steering pump leaking from the large x head screw on the side of the pump (there is one on the top too).
When the pumps leak this is where the failure usually is.
Many people have bought the recon pump from ECP but it is well known on the Audi forums that these are of very very poor quality and last only a short time before leaking.
If your leak is from the x headscrew then it is a very simple and cheap fix. Audi main dealers sell both the screw and the seal under it for just over £3.
Simply remove the screw, carefully cause there is a spring behind it, soak the new seal in ps fluid then put onto the screw and replace the screw into the pump.
I tried Lucas stop leak and found it didn't cure my problem.

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