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Here's my everyday toy


had this for near on 4 years now, a record for me :lol:

Still the best handling car I have owned, a great chassis for a fwd car.

I'll post some of my previous later.
Cheers mate.

Standard MG straights, I had them powder coated last winter, wanted a change from the norm, but a real S.O.B. to keep clean!

I was looking to replace them, but I prefer old skool, deep rims etc and they are alot of money, especially for 18's.

I've done a couple of things, Janspeed dual exit cat back, BMC CDA induction, silicon hoses, caf in front to get as much cold air as possible, oil catch tank, shift light for track days, VIS indicators.

Plenty more to do, but costs too much for the horses on these engines.
Make sure you spray your new set white aswell mate as them wheel look really smart on that car. Change the Lex-arse lights though pal ;)
Make sure you spray your new set white aswell mate as them wheel look really smart on that car. Change the Lex-arse lights though pal ;)

:lol: I know the lights are not to everyones taste, but better than the OE ones, which I still have btw! A break from the norm.

It's quickish and not the fastest thing on 4 wheels, but the handling more than makes up for it. It's only running around 190+, it gets expensive going beyond that. It'll do for now. I did embaress a VXR Astra a while back until we got on the straight bit, through the twisties I was all over it! Not surprising considering how much more horses he had!
Nice ride mate...what you got planned for it next?

Many thanks.

All that depends upon money being available! However I have a wish list:

  • Janspeed manis.
  • Janspeed sports cat or decat.
  • MIL eliminator for above if needed.
  • Lowering springs, sharpens the handling and looks better dropped by 30mm.
  • Bucket seat and harness for track days.
  • Possibly lighten the car, not sure as I drive everyday to work (70 miles a day)
  • Nitrous perhaps?
hehe i love them cars got any more pics engine inside it looks well smart i was gonna get one of them not that type lower litre but i like it
Yes, did it myself, just needed to find the right bits off ebay, some good hose suppliers on there. The oil catch tank hoses have since been replaced as those weren't up to it.
Thats a great looking car makes nearly wish I bought one :( The engine bay looks spot on.

Now for the thicky questions...

What the blue device attached to front of the engine bay, is it a fuel pump?

What's the small filter/breather on the throttle body for?

Are you happy with the BMC filter? I'm thinking of buying one to replace the plain cone filter that's attached directly to the TB currently, assuming I can find somewhere to place it. :amuse:


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The blue device is my oil catch tank, helps keep oil from contaminating my VIS valves and plenum, notorious achilles heel of the KV6 engine.

The small breather is purely to finish off the BMC CDA install, the OE induction had a pipe that had that breather pipe built in. The ITG Maxogen filter kit has a silicon pipe with this pipe built in, but I'd be sectioned for paying £75 for one pipe! hence the small breather ;)

The BMC is excellent, been running it for 3 years now with no issues, just keep it clean. The trick to any induction kit is the cold air feed (caf) this must be routed to accept the best possible quality air.

The worse thing possible is an open cone in the engine bay, all you will get is a roar and warm air. A combustion engine thrives on oxygen, the cooler the air the more dense it is, therefore more oxygen is able to be burnt and you'll have optimum engine performance and cycles.

Why not run ducting to a suitable place in the engine bay and site the cone filter away from the heat, inner wing area? There will be a marked improvement.
Thats a very neat catch tank I like it :)
I agree about the filter I'm not keen on it either but thats what the car come with :(, my only concern space as there's not a lot of room in there. I've got a week off next week & I plan to sort it then so I 'll start a thread this weekend with some piccys, your input would be greatly appriciated. thanks for answering my questions. :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
For what its worth I spent some time developing induction systems for 750 Superbikes and BTCC, so know a few tricks. There is a website dating back a bit covering this a little, not sure where to post it though.

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