MY current capri project

I bought the car in 2002 for £250 and have since spent an ever increasing amount of money on it, a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and as I had made a few contacts and friends in the right circles I booked it in for an engine rebuild but as things went on we found more and more things causing problems (rust mainly) and it turned into a bit of a nightmare. I really have a thing for classic motors so I pushed on and volunteered my services after work and at the weekends. It has been a long road but things are starting to come good and I am hoping to have it all finished for the show at the end of June. Unfortunately I cannot afford a respray and all the work besides so please excuse the mismatching panels.

It did look quite good

then the rrust started to win

and now its got a dirty great hole in the floor


This months pics

No engine

But new floor

And rear part of cage is in

Well at least someone was working on it

But I don't think it's gooing anywhere at the moment

oooh pretty

But new rust :evil:

I have fitted some new gauges in the cluster. I've been a bit optamistic on the speedo though lol.

I have got some 2 1/4 inch exhaust from a V8 drag racer fitted.
Starting here

To silencers

To these tail pieces

I found this bonnet up the workshop and talked him into trying to fit it onto mine.

Wow - fantastic project - that bonnet is really something! Thanks for posting up the details - we must do a feature on it when its done!
like the look of it in the first pic,are you keeping the same bodykit(well smart).any brake or suspension mods planned.not a fan of that bonnet though. :shock:
wooooeeey!! bonnet is fiiiine!

i LOVE capri's but i simply cant' afford one.

buying oen should be easy enough, its just getting the thing roadworthy and keeping it going lol
chr1s said:
like the look of it in the first pic,are you keeping the same bodykit(well smart).any brake or suspension mods planned.not a fan of that bonnet though. :shock:

Ive got four pot dynalite cailpers with drilled and vented discs and a big disc conversion going on the back. I have had a five bar rear suspension fitted with coilovers and a mk2 mustang lsd axle.
Had a call from the workshop telling me he has had it down on the rolling road, he said that it was over fuelling all though the rev range which means until he gets that sorted I won't be getting it back (but I hope it will be ready for next weekend). He said that it was losing about 20-30 hp due to the fuel problem but that it had still done an initial run of 182hp to the wheels and produced 169 lb/ft of torque. That may not sound alot but when it was new it only had 105 hp at the flywheel so a good improvement.
P.s. Waynne 'finished' is a very loose term when it comes to my cars unfortunately, my plans out run my pocket very easily lol although a feature would be fun.
I certainly know what you mean about "finished" Is any car every truely finished! Good luck with the over fuelling problem. The power figure sounds good to me!
How did I miss this post? :?

I love these cars, if I hadn't have bought an american motor I would definatley have got one of these. 8) 8) 8) Thats quite a project you have there, will be great to see it done. :wink:
I'm hoping it will be ready in time to put it in the car park at the show next weekend but not holding my breath lol :rolleyes:
Got the fueling sorted after a remap of the ecu, she ran 200.8 bhp at 5000 rpm :D however the new engine paid the price and decided to chew up the crank bearings so another strip of the car is required damn it.
Oh thats really unlucky. A good power figure though. Well done! Do you think there is much damage to the engine?
Looks like I just destroyed the bearings hasnt done the crank so should be able to rebuild it easy enough. Hopefully done for usc if I can get time up the workshop in the evening.
Update :evil:

Hello all sorry I haven't been on for a while all hell has broken loose.
The guy who was doing the engine and work to the capri has decided to shut up shop so I am left with a half completed car and a load of bits I have been trying to put it back together as best I can on my driveway but as you can imagine its slow going. I am hoping to have the final fit of the engine in the next week with the loom work done. The dash that the guy got for the car didn't fit because it was for the two clock dash not the six clock so that was fun. I also found some more welding that he had missed so all in all this year is off to a good start.

Hope to see you in the show season to come.
Thanks for the update mate. I really sympathise with you. Hope you get it sorted soon - you've put a lot of time and effort into the car.
Hello all just a quick update.
The guy doing the rebuild on my car has done a runner leaving me with a car thats not worth having and all for 10k. However I got the car back in feb and have spent every evening since then working on it to get it ready for classic ford show at santa pod. Went for its MOT last week and passed almost first time. No where near finished yet but at least its a runner going to a local meet tonight that sometimes does a rolling road session so might see what the £62 ebay engine produces before it gets rebuilt.
I really feel for you mate, that is terrible! You worked hard for that money!I look forward to seeing your pics!

Thanks for the update.
These are some pictures of what it looked like when I picked it up/ when I got it back together/ and when I took it for the MOT.





Brakes, exhaust, dash, wheels and tyres all missing and thats the short list.
Engine had more water in the sump than oil, clutch was rustd solid and release arm and bearing were missing. I was not a happy bunny.

Not anywhere near show standard yet and will not be for a while until I can get the paint and interior done so I am happy with it.
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The best of luck with your project and a huge well done! for carrying on after your bad encounter with that not very righteous mechanic! :bigsmile:

I love the Capri's especially the 3.0s, handling was rubbish, engine cool and very tunable, but unfortunately very few are seen on the roads these days, and that's a great shame! :(
Ihave got a set of the original richard grant sideskirts that are still in original packing to go with the motorsport front splitter. The engine is a 2.3 from a granada as the rebuilt v6 never appeared hoping to get it a bit more together in time for the classic ford show on june 6th.
got to admit i do still relly like capri's!!
and its great that you saved this 1 from the scrap heap. and then still didn't give up on it after the tosser mechanic let you down
so full respect to you mate!!!!!!!

and keep the pics and updates coming no matter how small:D
Right got a choice to make, what do you guys think I have a choice of two air filter and three styles.
1, Original black plastic air filter.
2, Chevy style pancake filter high rise base.
3, Chevy style pancake filter sunk base.

All clear the bonnet thanks to the scoop just a style choice really.
All comments welcome.


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The low rise pancake looks good to me, will the heat from the engine affect the air supply to the filter or is it out of the way enough not to matter?
Well it's got the front vent in the bonnet aimed straight at it and the bulge has got release slats so that should be ok. It does rub on the rocker breather pipe which may cause an issue in the furture.
Got fed up today so set about the car with a hammer to try and sort out some of the leaks, some paint to get rid of the white wing mirror and fuel flap ( colour match pretty good but needs a polish) and my mini D A sander to flat the bonnet ready for another few coats of paint.
Trying to get it looking presentable for the ford meet at Ace cafe on the 22nd. One week and sooo much to do lol.
Its just blown the head gasket on the left bank coming home tonight so got that to do know. But it gives me a good oppertunity to fit the unleaded coversion heads with the oversized stainless valves and the steel timing gear. Havent been able to find a supercharger that will work witht the 2.3 engine most want to run 3 litre at least would like to have a procharger setup on there if possible.
HGF is a bit of blow :amuse: I don't know anything much about super chargers so I'm just guessing, couldn't you run a charger for a 3 litre engine but with a larger pulley? The new heads sound like they will make a world of difference, will you be changing the cams to? :twisted:
Cant afford cam kit atm but am looking to put a fast road piper or kent kit in in the futrue. Hoping the heads will make some difference but dont want to rush it and make a mistake. Will probably miss the ace cafe meet bu twill get it going for the classic ford show at the pod in june.
I'm just guessing, couldn't you run a charger for a 3 litre engine but with a larger pulley?

i was thinking the same, the larger pulley would mean less boost.

whats involved in fitting the unleaded head ? is it a completly new head or one that have been modified and hardened seats fitted ?
Modified with hardened seat phosfor brozne vavle guides and stainless steel vavles just go tto hope the engine stills runs after I finish playing with it.
Didn't know you could play with superchargers like that would that be a specialised company who would need to set it up or is it something I could rig up and would it be ok with the carb?

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