stamford's previous track cars

not pretty, but did a job all the same :blink1:

Mini of course! Everyone has to play with one of these!

Chevette-started life with a 1.9 Manta engine, then that expired and in went a Rover V8, semi-space framed front end. A case of tail wagging the dog with this!

Audi GT 2.4i

I also had a 1340 Mini, no pictures, that ran a Longman engine, rallycross spec, 48 Weber, Jack Knight straight cut box and a Quaife slipper. I also designed and fabricated my own coilover rear beam axle. Redundancy put paid to that beauty.
Thats quite a collection and it looks like they have seen some action. Fast cars that get to be driven fast - that's what I like to see.

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