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Do you warn motorists coming the other way if there is a mobile speed trap that has been setup?

What warning do you give? Can you get into trouble for warning other cars about a speed trap?
Yeah, I always warn other motorists about speed traps. Usually they place them in ideal spots to overtake. If Im in my car, I flash my head laps twice, or if im on my motorbike I raise my hands up and down trying to inform them to slow down. Don't know if it is against the law, but at the end of they day, it is your word against there's. You can say you hit your lights by mistake. It anoyes me when other motorists don't warn me!! Grrrr:mad:
I always warn with light flash, or make downward pointing gesture with right hand index finger.

Watch and see how many coming towards you are blissfully unaware of your presence, never mind what you're trying to convey.

The legal position is an interesting one. One bloke was prosecuted [for notifying other roads users of the presence of a speed trap] back in 1991 and charged with the perverting the cause of justice.

In court he successfully argued that what he in fact was doing was to stop an offence from continuing and that it was not illegal to prevent a crime being committed.

I would try this now; not with today's thinly veiled dictatorship of a government.
yes yes , i always try to warn drivers of impending traps or trouble ahead . The police dont like it as it cuts into the revenue for the state , but prevention is far better than the crime . The part i like most is the continual statements that its about prevention and that the high police profile prevent the accidents from happening , what doesnt quite fit is how thats acheived when hidding in the bush on the longest straits and overtaking lanes with cameras and radar guns .
i never flash people if something like that is about, i dont know why tho. but i suppose if you see a suped up car showing off by flying around, i usualy hope they get caught lol, im a basterd i know lol
Let's stop this directive and dictatorial government from exploiting us any further.

It's not just about the money gathered in the form of fines - it's about being told what to do, what to think, how to think, how to behave etc etc.

We're are heading for a dictatorship in the UK if we do not remove Gordon Brown ASAP.

I am not in favour of the current Conservative Party. Sadly I might have to vote for them just to have a chance of removing Gordon Brown.

What's happened to genuine socialism? Genuine multi-cultural Britain? Genuine concern for our neighour's, our friends' [and our families'] own welfare and wellbeing.

What's happened to human compassion? This state (and that's what it is) is a mess. What about society? People are individuals; they're not citizens; and they certainly are not subjects.

Sorry - I know someone will moderate and suppress this post but please do so with an open mind.

Paul Anderson.
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me personally no i dont warn anyone!!!
break the law at your own risk!!!

if i get caught i wont hate other drivers for not warning me, if i take the risk and i get caught. i have to accept the consequences for my actions!!

I warn people, but usually get blank looks, sometimes they flash back. I don't know if their saying, 'Thank You', 'Hello' or 'There's one the other way too!' :lol:
i never flash people if something like that is about, i dont know why tho. but i suppose if you see a suped up car showing off by flying around, i usualy hope they get caught lol, im a basterd i know lol

What If you see somone going past in a white van, most likely self imployed struggling to make a living and having a family to look after? They lose there licence, they lose there job..... They are most likley speeding trying to get to there next job.

Thats how I see it. I always flash. Each to there own tho.
We need to stop regarding speeding as being a heinous crime that is considered to be nearly as bad as interfering with children in a sexual manner.
i always flash whenever i see a speed trap, whoever or whatever they are driving (even bmw drivers!).
HDi 2nd post - well said. The alarming thing is that opinion polls are showing he is becoming more popular, people seriously think the country is getting better??? Regretfully their are so many living on handouts etc... that the pansies who have been running the govt's since Maggie have just been making things worse. (obviously referring to Maggie T not Maggie Broon)

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