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Is it illegal to warn other people about a speed trap. We just got back from France and twice we were flashed by on coming cars and both times there was a speed trap around the corner.

We dont seem to get this in this counrty so I was wondering if anyone does warn oncoming cars and how you would do this and if it was illegal to do so.

I would argue that it warns drivers about those in front slammin on their brakes when they see the speed trap so it could be argued that it is a safety thing
ummm... not one hundred percent on this but i think it might be illigal. somthing to do with loss of earnings to the gov i think :blink:
i think theyve tried to prosicute on this, but dont know how well it worked out.

i allways flash and warn them to slow down, when its the mobile one
There was an attempt at prosecution in 1991 I think. Apparently it failed as the court was unable to conclude that it was unlawful to prevent a crime from being commited.

Whether a conclusion was actually reached I don't know. It's likely that a conclusion of 'no case to answer' was reached. Which is where the prosecution witnesses have hastily retracted all the evidence.

There's hope for us all yet..
An interesting thread. I too thought it was illegal but the arguement that it can't be illegal to prevent someone from committing a crime is a good one.

What is the unofficial warning - 2 flashes of the lights?
Headlight flashing - if you get oncoming drivers attention (most are oblivious, as you can imagine) and establish eye contact then point index finger downwards in windscreen seems to convey the message reasonably well.
There are still some regions where the police are trying to prosecute (persecute is possibly a more fitting verb) drivers for warning other drivers of such speed traps.

I really goes against the safety not revenue argument (pack of lies) that we're constantly fed.
how would the police know ?? Surely they'd be sitting round the corner and you'd be out their sight when you flashed someone (Otherwise, what's the point in flashing someone the police can already see ?? !!)

drove down a road once and someone had painted on a large board "Slow Down, Speed Camera !! " . . well funny, I bet they didn't earn a penny that day :lol::lol:
Because they [the Police] park other vehicles (supposedly) outside the periphery of the observation range to deal with this 'problem'.

How true this is I am unsure. If it is true then it really does suggest that revenue is the target. Why else would you want people to speed through a known blackspot????

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