Speed limit sign reminder


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2011 Honda FN2
It seems to me that the vast majority of people driving or riding commit an offense every time they pass by a posted speed limit as they blast right up to and well past the sign on most occasions.
The reduced limit applies exactly @ the sign so you need to have braked and slowed down BEFORE you pass them

The reverse applies to the speed increase signs where the slower limit applies right up until you actually pass the sign and not as so many do and hit the gas when they see the sign a 100 meters or so way up ahead so they are @ or over the new limit well before they pass it.

I have been aggressively tailgated on so many instances in both situations and check that all of my lights are working on a weekly basis.

Laws / rules are said to have been made by wise men for the guidance of fools, and one size has to accommodate drivers of all skill levels under all conditions
New cars are tipped to have an automatic speed limit warning fitted and possibly with some kind of limiter. Safety campaigners have been begging for this and it seems they might just win. Although manufacturers are saying it can be over ridden or switched off by the driver.
Our phones could already betray us when it comes to the speed we travel at on the main roads. We are being tracked, it's just a matter of time before someone decides on a zero tolerance and automatic enforcement!

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