Simple stealthy install on 03 focus 5dr


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Focus 1.6 zetec 5dr
Hi, i want to upgrade the sound system in my 03 focus 5dr. Im gonna be carrying a lot of band Equipment and junk in the car regularly so really a sub and parcel shelf install is out of the question. Ive been thinking about a jvc kw-xr611 headunit paired with 4 x13cm alpine speakers rated at 35w rms 200w peak. will this be significantly better than the standard system? and will the amp alone with 4x50w be pushing the speakers enough to sound decent? i saw that alpine do a power pack for behind the headunit that boosts the power to 4x 100w. can you get anything similar for jvc? i know its never gonna be an amazing install, i just want a little more volume and a little more bass ,odviously its never gonna be as good as having a sub, but is it worth doing?

Get the best speakers you can afford and you will not be dissapointed. 6 inch speakers give a nice bass effect, a parcel shelf install needen't be massive or big.

I would have thought your amp would need to push more than 50watts though, but I am no ICE techy so I'll hand that over to our resident ICE heads.
That will only be peak power, it will be more like 25w RMS

RMS (Route Mean Square) is the figure you really need to look at, as it is a constant when you have the volume up full,
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