bad vibrations from mdf install


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i have recently made a boot install for sub etc from mdf but am having some really bad vibration problems. atm it is just screwed together thru hand-made blocks (literally inch long srips to fill the gap!!) but have found i cant turn up the bass. would silicone sealant of the bathroom variety be of any use in stopping the vibrations?? cheers
6mm you need to double that

dyno matt inside the box after sealent anything will do that i used to use what ever was laying around

but never used anything less then 10mm

and how many subs you running from it and how big is the box
is a single sub inlayed into the spare wheel, 2 6x9's either side at an angle. amplifier is at a slant across back.. will try and get some pics up if i can figue out how,

not so much as a box as a liner but has been ported so airflow not hampered.. looked at figuring out the volume of the box etc but got a bit lost on it and is semi temporary till i can source some fibreglass.

as its 6 mm could i batton it to give it extra rigidity as its only a 1.4 n would prob struggle with the weight rofl!
6mm will move to much thats why you cant go under 10mm

but having it in a spare wheel wont give its volume

unless you bring it up out of the well but still has to have a box all round or you might as well just put the speaker in the boot on top of the carpet

best thing to do is buy a box that is aready made
unless you want to do a big ice set up

and remember your spare wheel have to carry that some where
am sure the traffic cops can do you for not having a spare
spare wheel isnt required, but if you have one it is supposed to be legal - although it is a grey area.

as matt has said really you need to be looking at using 12mm.

even if you use fiberglass you need to make a strong frame to begin withso there is little movement before you enclose it in MDF/GRP
was keeping the spare wheel,, murphys law etc. i'm in the stages of a minor boot install but polo + sub + amp + kid / shopping doesnt work well,, the main idea is to optimise bootspace, hence sinking the the sub into the floor, angling the amp / 6*9's. will do some pics on the morro when can get some light on the issue.

will also measure up volume but quick measurements would make it approx 245 000 cc ( 100 cm * 70 cm * 35 cm)
you CAN run a sub in a wheel well quite effectively, its all aout matching the enclosure size to the sub ( JL 10W0 tend to work quite well) but i wouldnt just be using mdf.

Cover the entire wheel well in silver foil tape, then three layers of fibreglass ( matting and resin ) once cured remove from wheel well and add your mdf baffle, personally i use 18mm mdf. attach in place and seal using whatever sealant you can ( tigerseal/sikaflex is best).

Job done :)
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