306 install advise.

Re: How important is it to have music in your car?

What sounds you after pal?
Around what budget?

Well, I listen to rock and heavy metal so a nice top end and bottom end would be good with some mid range cut,

budget, well I don't mind spending good money on something good, but lets say about £1000, but bare in mind I already have a very good head unit
Re: How important is it to have music in your car?

For a grand you can get a good setup.
Go have a look at Alpine's components for the front.
And some some decent mid range drivers for the rear.
Infinity do some quality mid range speakers as well as some quality subs.;)
If I was you though i'd find a decent sub and amp package.
www.bassjunkies.com or www.caraudiocentre.co.uk are good places to look and have some great sub an amp packages. Go for a package with a Class D amp.
What head unit you got mate?
I'd only put components in the front though as the tweeters are very very clear and loud and if you have 4 tweeters in a small car like yours you'll find it hard for the bass to keep up.
Re: How important is it to have music in your car?

Pioneer, it's got 3 outputs for the amps blutooth and my ipod connector, it's a nice piece of kit,
Fair enough,

I saw quite a nice 5 channel infinity kappa amp on the infinity website which should suit quite nicely, been looking at some infinity componants and coax's and a 10" sub
Yeah it is, I was thinking of a single amp to save space, I was going to go for the "mount them under the seat" option but there isn't room, I thought about mounting them under the rear bench seat and I thought that would make the passengers uncomfortable, the boot is a decent size on the 306 but I would like to keep it that way

I like the set up that I have now not because of how it sounds, but because of its ease of removal, I can un plug my sub (it's a fusion sub and amp together got it off my mate for a fraction of the retail cost) and the rear shelf does have speakers in it (came like that from the factory) but it has a conviniant plug so I haven't got to mess with screw drivers,

I'm a musician by the way (i play the guitar) and my equipment take a lot of space (more than the boot can handle) so being able to either install the stuff out of the way or being able to remove it easily is a big advantage to me.
You could get a connector for the wires and make it easily removable thats not a problem.
Depending on if you go for a set of components and power them with an amp you'll need a decent power sub to be able to keep up with them so I would def get a separate amp for that.

An don't worry bout Loz he's being grumpy cause I nicked his sweets.:amuse:

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