Ice install in a Secma, advice needed...


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Hello guys,

My ICE knowledge is somewhat limited beyond the basics and I hoping that some sage wisdom may come my way...

The car in question is TINY and so big sounds are not necessary, however...

I installed a head unit and comment speakers (there car comes with no stereo as standard) anyway...

The alpine head unit is load enough from its built in amp and 4x50w output, the components are just about loud enough but lacking bass.

I want to add more bass, and hopefully the components will perform better then if they are not having to handle the low notes.

What I am thinking to do is to add a small passive bass tube inbetween the footwwells and power it with a bridged 2x50w output from the head unit.

As far as I can understand, this will work but I will need to use passive crossovers between the head unit and the speakers.

So my outputs will be as follows:
*Front Left output - passive crosser - component speaker
*Front right output - passive crossover - component speaker
*L&R rear channels bridged - passive crossover - bass tube

Will this work ok?
Is this the best solution?

Any other suggestions welcome...
Well unless the Alpine head unit states quite clearly that you can bridge the rear outputs then DON'T do it.

Guess work causes electronics to have a very short life!

I would just buy an active subwoofer having both the options of an LFE and high power input, that way you have the best of both worlds connectivity wise.

You will only need to run a decent 12volt supply from the battery, a decent earth and a link for the remote switch on for the subwoofer from either the remote aerial connection on the head unit or the "Acc" on the ignition switch.
Thank you fr your reply,

Don't I need crossovers in the working somewhere to sort out what signal range goes to which speakers?
As far as I can understand, this will work but I will need to use passive crossovers between the head unit and the speakers.

Yes buddy but as you see above, you already mentioned this. I would suggest the front outputs of the head unit go through a passive crossover to supply a midrange in the front doors and a decent tweeter on the dashboard or up on the A pillar directed towards you off course. If you were using a really good head unit powering multiple amplifiers then the choice of crossover in my opinion would be an active one and not a passive one.
Thank you.

Perhaps what I should have posted was something like this...
"I want a bit more bass and volume, I currently have XYZ, suggestions please"
Your welcome buddy and good luck with the installation.
Don't forget to post up some photos when your done ;)
Nooooooooo don't use any tweeters.
Use some decent mid range speakers only, straight off the head unit.
If you want to add bass, i'd look into installing a small 8 inch sub in the boot somewhere.
You'd be able to find a small enough enclosure and a decent small amp will screw to that.
Then you just need to run some cables. ;)
What's wrong with tweeters TN? I had all the speakers upgraded in the car including the tweeters. I had a professional place in London do the full install and I was very happy with the end results.
Unless you have a hefty sub and amp, decent tweeters will drown out an active sub.
I had that prob in my Primera.
It had a 12 inch sub in the boot, I fitted some alpine components and the tweeters completely drowned out the sub.
I ended up buying 2 12 inch subs and box, with a 1200 watt rms class d amp, just to contend with the tweeters.
The amp was wired in at 1ohm so it was actually putting out 2400 watts of pure rms bass.
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