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Right second post on here so bare with me....getting a new car about april/may next year and want a nice bit of audio in it. Got about £1000 to spend and for that I want a new double din headunit, front door speakers, 12/15" sub and a good amp for it, what can you guys recommend?? i'm open to all suggestions and will be fitting it myself since i'm not too bad with car audio...

Many thanks

Hi buddy.
This is a decent double din HU.

Here is a decent set of component but this all depends on the size of your door speakers?

And this will absolutely thunder in the boot.
This little lot will cost around £725 which would leave you enough to stick a Power Cap in there to help your battery cope with the amp. ;)
Once you have reached 10 posts then you can post up some photos! I look forward to seeing the finished project ;)
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