Scirocco issues


VW Polo 1.0L
Hello all. Decided to upgrade to a scirocco gt tsi 2.0l. 2008 model with 30k on clock. However after only 2 months my exhaust management light has appeared on my dash. Phoned dealer and booked in. Thought filling up on 97 ron an a heavy right foot may resolve the problem. Within 50 yards of petrol forecourt the light went out. Dealer said no point in bringing car in with no fault light. 3 days later light back on. Still worth booking in and any suggestions r/e root of problem? Any help much appreciated
Ah. Well why the bloomin eck does vw not know that. Or at the very least not cancel my slot at garage. My next weekday off is end of feb. This friday was my only day an that slots already gone.
VW have been excellent with me over the years its skoda that im having problems with. Apparently i cant order a part for my car is its not matched on ETKA through the VIN number

see if you can find a specialist locally. you will find that they are usually a hell of a lot better than the dealers

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