Scirocco 1.8i gtx 8V Brake upgrade.


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VW Scirroco 1.8i 8V
Hi guys,

I've just bought myself a 1986 scirocco and amongst other things have decided to upgrade the brakes. As its the 8V GTX its got discs on the front and drums on the back. Instead of just putting better pads on etc i was thinking of maybe upgrading to discs all round from something like a Mk3 golf but i'm not sure if they would fit.


would also like to see what all you guys suggest doing to the engine to give me back some of that power that it has undoubtedly lost...

Thanks very much,
sorry cant help on the brake front but better pads would be a good idea.
drums on the back isnt going to make really that big a difference as little braking is done by them in most cases.

give the engine a full service, all fluids, sparks, leads etc and get a compression test done to see what state its in
I am going for G60 brakes on mine,280mm,going to buy all the parts new,callipers,carriers,disks and pads,then i have some brackets to fit them to my hubs.
Will also need to upgrade to a 22m master cylinder,not overly concerned about the rears,it`s just the little drums look a bit lost in the wheels :sad2:

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